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  1. @billdroid
    More than well deserved brother

  2. Happy birthday man! 

    1. SystemChips


      thank you my man ❤️

  3. @Pledge o7 niko would be proud
  4. This is probably what you are looking for
  5. Pretty fun new event thats going to force people to fight places other than OG I think they decided against this as it would split up the olympus population
  6. Bring back these uniforms tho

    also still waiting for someone to beat @Trimorphious time

  7. Did your gang member get banned aswell? @yourscouttathere Generally an accidental run-over is not going to get anyone in trouble but when you and your boy hit them with the tag team VDM and drive-by then I wouldn't be surprised if you guys both got the bans. A ban appeal in support is usually your best bet in this situation. https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/
  8. @Trimorphious happy birthday

    1. Trimorphious


      thank you mang

    2. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      Gary The Snail


      only true OG’s remember that man

  9. In London I guess u can report people online just like olympus and this guy rides on a bike and submits on people for going on their phone at a red light kinda like everyone on this server IRL

    if this guy pulled up to me i would have to rp break the go pro. someone @ who this is

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. thor


      snake behaviour

    3. Linka


      I mean he’s turning people in for texting and driving, like in that video she was on her phone before the stoplight. Don’t text and drive and all these problems go away 🙂

    4. Raquese


      @Linka Or don't be a snitch and kindly mind your own business, tbh ppl like this guy are the guys I wanna see on best gore being smashed by a truck

  10. Welcome if you ever need help with anything join the support channel in teamspeak
  11. Birb is somehow the richest player on our server if anything we should be asking him questions And @Birb I like to troll on these forums but you just post a lot so it looks like im targeting you but I just like to meme tbh all love comes from every single one of my posts and the desire for internet points
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