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  1. @Shotime923 congrats brother well deserved

    1. Shotime923



  2. Maybe I should redirect my post then I'm just wondering if we could give corps a differently designed vest. @ThatNerdyGuy The blue APD vest works on POs because POs get a blue shirt as shown here Now Imagine putting that on corps with the red/yellow/black shirts it looks retarded Options from best to worst: Script a new carrier lite that is armor level 2 for corps+ Design the apd vest to at least be black or something Use another armor level 2 vest from arma I'm fine with the worse vest and less armor. All the APD nerfs I think they are pretty fair as the APD is strong, but just dont make my drip game weak.
  3. My bad I thought that was all civ council. Hopefully some sAPD/Staff can see some reason to this because I dont really understand
  4. This is a fat yikes no cap @Mr Majestic
  5. Honestly I really don't mind any of the APD nerfs except the vest. Not even for the protection but the carrier lite just looks so much better than the blue PO vest with all of the corporal uniforms. Please give us a different vest / design something / BEST OPTION: script the carrier lite to armor level 2 I think it just looks good honestly, but I do agree cops are strong on this server so the nerfs are pretty fair.
  6. Thinking about copping myself 9700k upgrade from 4790k i have rn. Anyone else making an upgrade like this or have an idea of how much a performance increase it would give me in this godforsaken game we play

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    2. Revise


      Or you could get a 3700x / 3800x 

    3. swervy
    4. Azeh


      @Xlax Not necessarily true. RAM speed matters for some games. Arma being one.

  7. this christmas lets just unban everyone i miss the fights the cheaters barely knew combat stance anyway

  8. Congrats bro

    1. SystemChips


      thank you brother much appreciated

  9. Buckie is a professional at these things by now def should be support team +1
  10. What is the update I'm downloading that just rolled out like 10 min ago.

    1. Zahzi
    2. Unjo


      Hotfix for the hotfix

    3. Soulz
  11. Bump fuckers and it cant be some athira or sofia rebel bs any other rebel is fine ty
  12. Damn I miss the round joel but we will take what we can get. Hop in TS sometime brother its been so long
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