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  1. I was just referring to your use of slimy stuff as seniors. Yeah this is around what I would do though if I had knowledge of activity.
  2. I personally find it repulsive. In the same sense that I find it repulsive that some cops roleplay to the bare minimum. Essentially it is not something I am looking to update, just cops shouldn't expect to be perceived as good by any means for that stuff as well as don't expect a promotion coming your way for it.
  3. That to me is an extremist view on camping stuff. If you are actually afraid to enter towns like DP17 and DP25 then you were not taught very well on this issue. In my opinion there is a pretty clear line on what is camping and what is not. Intention of officers, visual on the redzone, movement of officers, and total time doing this can easily dictate whether the intention of someone was to patrol the area or get a peak/camp the redzone. If someone is sitting in DP 17 and doesn't have visual, but is waiting for a car to go burning down the road towards the rebel so he can chase it, he is probably going to get talked to if he does it excessively. If someone is entering DP 17 for the sake of simply patrolling it, catches a few glimpses of rebel on his path around the city but doesn't make that his primary focus and then leaves the area after he deems it clear, then congrats. He did it right. All of you guys seriously expecting immunity from the APD going to your gangshed just because it's 800 meters from a redzone need to sit down and do some thinking. Also - I do not condone camping a gangshed without an actual reason. I find it completely absurd when cops do it just because they see [Tree] on for example. However, as long as it appears to be within the bounds of rules and there is a pure intention of catching criminals, rather than camping a redzone, then I am not going to stop it. Go ahead and elaborate here while your at it. Don't tease us now. Let's hear it. I have had my fair share of watching a gangshed from 1.5km out with some rangefinders. But to my defense there wasn't much going on as well as 9 times out of 10 that I personally have done it, I have had some pretty great reasons like having witnessed civilians there before in that session.
  4. Your hours carry over, but you’ll still have to wait the days.
  5. 324 and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
  6. o7 to the staff member that I “grew up” with @Bow

    1. Bow


      We took the road together, then took slightly different paths :D

  7. Impossible but theoretically yes it would be RDM as you did not engage with them.
  8. Happy Birthday to a real one @Jordan540

  9. @DeadPool
  10. Real RP is popping people in the hood without saying anything
  11. What Deadpool said. Keep in mind guys that the escort mission is still an experimental thing so be sure to contact Senior APD or staff with any feedback on it!!
  12. Chapter VII - Dealing with Vehicles Vehicle Interaction Officers are never to enter/unlock a civilian vehicle, unless: Making the roadway safe for other drivers if there is no intention to impound or seize the vehicle. Turning off the engine for ease of discussion. Entering a vehicle to extricate a deceased individual. Moving a vehicle that is blocking an area that officers are attempting to gain access to. This update is in relation to the recent addition of Slim Jims. This is to ensure that APD officers aren't using Slim Jims to unlock vehicles for no reason. Keep in mind that you aren't completely limited when it comes to RP with this rule. This rule change is effective immediately. Post any questions/concerns below.
  13. Should be a windows key option with unlimited use. Also will have no chance of failing.
  14. A tased officer needs to be outnumbered with a 3 to 1 ratio to restrain him. The way the script works is that it requires 3 people with primary guns to be pointed at him within a certain distance for him to be restrained. @Tomoki Kuroki

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