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  1. TheCmdrRex

    Just follow the twitter no one wants to see anymore reputation begging posts from Ryan
  2. TheCmdrRex

    This DLC is supposed to release in a weird fashion. It’s a Bohemia DLC but it’s not at the same time. I do not know if the assets are being released publicly and what kind of paywalls are being set up. Assuming the best, we would still have to find the balance in weapons and vehicles. I’ll tell you this it’ll look fugly as shit though due to it being Cold War setting and then running around with “2035” weapons.
  3. TheCmdrRex

    We will discuss balance in a meeting if it is determined that it will be needed by SAPD. SAPD were the ones to remove stings - I imagine they will likely be making a return
  4. TheCmdrRex

    Yeah but then people will get upset they have to donate again for the same thing. Probably best to get close to finish then announce the goals
  5. TheCmdrRex

    To defend Ares - the stack of harder donation goals was all with Peter. The reason we got behind were those goals. Ares as only made and approved the current April donation goal
  6. TheCmdrRex

    This is something to consider
  7. TheCmdrRex

    Probably would do them for free if we are that badly in need of them. The reason we are not at that DEFCON status yet is that it is *looking* like we are going to hit a better road here as college classes wind down and IRL starts to let us spend more time with Olympus. IMO I wouldn't mind a developer or two, but that is up to Senior Development and my opinion doesn't necessarily reflect theirs Sir you have confused me. You say you miss ikiled yet you tagged Ignis
  8. TheCmdrRex

    We are trying our best okay? But seriously it’s not the easiest to remain caught up with 5 elaborate donation goals in a row (mind you developers aren’t the ones to usually come up with it - we just get told to do it) and have a very active civilian council plus have senior development focusing on the battle with hackers and other back end things. Not to mention not a single developer gets paid for their work and we all have pretty busy lives. Passive Perks has been a shit show as they continuously are getting adjusted and we are still waiting on finalized perks from a faction (can’t entirely blame them cause they had to be denied late but still - can’t code anything if it’s not approved) Next update will get us caught up with donation goals with the exception of the bank. That requires lots of work and it hasn’t been a priority. It will also get the tasing script fixed (which was NOT easy) and a bucketload of other changes. In addition, due to development priorities and IRL situations, the physically update comes to the work of only a couple developers (not to include the designers work - they work separately and all seem to have done an amazing job) In any free time that I have been getting I have been working on some extra goodies for people as well as some back burner tasks. Like fuck me I always wondered why old developers lost passion/ seemed disgruntled at times and now a think I understand at least a few reasons why. It’s a real shame that people who don’t even donate feel so entitled to getting the donor reward within the next month it’s met. We try but can’t always succeed. It’s an online community - NOT my full time job. I get you guys want new content. It's coming. I am just asking you guys to take some time and understand why it might take a bit to get the new content.
  9. Censorship! I’m coming after your family for this one! :angry:

  10. Everyone banned for scripting the past 10 minutes should be good again

  11. TheCmdrRex

    Often a case like this is too hard to interpret. Hell with arma desync it might not have looked like he was in front of you on his screen, so no. Best in this case to just try to drive around a bit to offset the advantage.
  12. TheCmdrRex

    If they caused their own self to spangle by jumping out of a moving car then you can kill them even when they are still down.
  13. Instead of getting moonshine at scavenging you get rum
  14. TheCmdrRex

    No I want him to elaborate. He said it’s broke. If he doesn’t have it enabled then that would be why. Destruct just ran stats for the past month for runs. Going to have him post it public so eyes open for that. Still doesn’t mean that they should be comparable to other runs since they are lower risk, but yeah they do need to be higher.
  15. TheCmdrRex

    Elaborate on the issue with turtles @poof| kicked from astro :(

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