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  1. TheCmdrRex

    12 Units of time this is already in progress
  2. Do any of you see code 3 in the rules? Sounds like if you can negotiate well it is a loophole to me
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    I can hide it and still comment
  4. TheCmdrRex

    I think you missed the deeper meaning behind some of my points, while in an actual election in real life, people are held accountable by checks and balances and the fact that its their job to be in the position. If they don’t get re-elected that’s actually a major blow to them because it essentially means loss of job. In the civ rep system - getting re-elected didn’t matter for many. After a hard push for it, they could sit back and didn’t have to do anything in the role if they didn’t want to. Only downside is they haven’t been known to get re-elected, but still - many went down the same path of inactivity without a care in the world. Not to mention watching these political campaigns was like watching an actual election - for the wrong reasons. Especially in the case of the last election, politics was purely there for entertainment. To see someone literally get to the point where they could stir up mass amounts of harassment and drama all because they wanted an online tag and to join a staff meeting - the latter of which was done once. This is exactly the reason I see lots of politics in this as bad. It’s so unneccesary. This isn’t the US system, it isn’t even a campaign for head of a school board. It’s literally just a role to represent a portion of an online community. The fact is that if we literally are having super uninformed people who can act high and mighty and use the platform of calling people retards for a month, they can and still stand a very good chance of getting elected. (That’s the internet for you) We can throw it off as the community’s fault (because it is), but honestly as staff I felt terrible because there stood a line where we could have came in and at least done what was better for the community. Even if some of them didn’t like it. Things are being done differently here, and personally I think it’s a bit presumptive to assume that a council is being thrown together without much effort. I think the council wasn’t as expanded on before as it could have been, and I believe it’s worth a solid shot to try again. The system before wasn’t fine as is. The goal of civs was to get represented, and even that was hardely happening. @Mako was doing more representing than lots of civ reps, and that should be where we know that civ rep was not a working system. As I said, I do agree that we need elections but to a point. We just need to get a point where we can get people in the voting system that are going to actually make a difference, as well as find the balance between campaigning for change and campaigning for entertainment. I believe it’s worth a shot to put this spin on the council, but at the end of the day it’s up to @Peter Long
  5. TheCmdrRex

    I have a firm belief that there is no perfect method to this however. You bring up a valid point however I am gonna have to introduce you to a little 1130 Intro to Politics here: There are pros and cons to each method Representatives Pros: Elected by the people Less people in position of authority in theory means more efficiency in ideas getting released. Cons: High amount of "politics" involved in civ rep campaigns Representatives are not held as accountable as they should have been (especially in the case of inactivity or lack of effort) Winner takes all system. Winner reflects his values and beliefs and will most likely shoot down a few good ideas just because of the area they specialize in. Bound by term length While more efficient, this means a higher chance that a poor or not very well developed idea gets passed. Civilian Council Pros: More likely to be held accountable (likely to be removed from council for inactivity or lack of effort) Not bound by term length Not a winner take all system. More likelihood for specialized areas to equally be represented More people in authority means more checks on specific ideas, meaning the quality of ideas is improved Cons: Elected by the few (admins, council heads, etc.) Could be potential for more biased council in long run With more checks on ideas, this means it takes longer and is less efficient to get ideas passed quickly. Personally I believe the right balance falls somewhere along the lines of civilian council members (first few grandfathered in by excellent work within the realm of civ rep) choosing members and perhaps a community vote on whether or not these chosen members should represent them (and special limits on current council member's ability to vote and campaign in said elections) And then a watchful staff eye over everything to ensure that power is getting divided fairly, all council members are being held accountable, and ideas are being heard. No term lengths. No winner take all system, and a good element of the community having a say on who represents themselves. The biggest con would be efficiency, however I would much rather have good ideas that stick rather than what was happening before, where one civ rep set would approve something, then next term a new civ rep would repeal it.
  6. Thanks everyone! Still got lots to learn. I'll try to last longer than Deadpool did at SGT!

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      You're already almost there

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    @zoomzooooooom I got you FTO and SGT. 1 large pepperoni and we can do it again
  8. Two guys that absolutely deserve it.


    Adda boys. Glad Fushigi didn’t stop ya @Airborne and happy that your a real one @ThatNerdyGuy

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      thanks a lot man

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      Thanks for all the help man!

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    Computer science
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    I'd love to see you back up there sometime cause you a good lad
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    Just following in your footsteps
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  13. TheCmdrRex

    Yep this is it. I am sure that many of you have been aware of my inactivity as of late. This is largely due to many different things, however the primary reason is just because I have been busy with college life. However, I would be lying if I said that I haven’t lost interest in Arma, because 2 and a half years definitely takes its toll on the enjoyment of the game. When I became Chief the main things I wanted to accomplish was 1) to rid of a lot of transparency between ranks and establish a SAPD that would limit bias and could bring contrasting opinions to the table in every discussion. I believe that I was able to successfully do this in my tenure. 2) To find a balance in more things in order to make the game more enjoyable. Federal Events when I was first Chief were done rarely. My plan was to take baby steps to find the right balance in things, so that I wouldn’t be immediately going from one extreme to the other. I didn’t get as far as I wanted with this unfortunately. Later into my tenure I also wanted to find ways to increase the quality in our officers without imposing ridiculous restrictions on the role and keeping APD as open of an opportunity on the server as it has always been. This is certainly not a change that is even possible under a single Chief, but I was glad to make some strides in it. This is exemplified by the removal of Foxtrot and Golf, and a focus on promoting less people into SAPD. This forces good corporals to become even greater, and then establishes better role models for junior APD. I am happy to say that as I leave now, we have some solid members of the APD. There are several things that are still in the works that have been approved under me. Dirty money will be implemented in a manner that is balanced to both civilians and cops. If the next SAPD administration wishes to continue work with a Senior initiated escort and crime scenes, the server will continue to be refreshed with more to do. Among other things, I still have a lot of ideas and there was plenty of more suggestions and changes that I would’ve liked to accomplish as Chief. However, it is completely selfish and I would be doing not only the APD, but the entire community harm in maintaining the role under my current inactivity. Olympus has been an amazing place to call home and I am happy to stay on as Administrator to continue to give back to the community. If I find more time in the future I plan to explore other opportunities here as well. Since this is a stepping down from Chief post, and I still intend to be involved in the community, I will only be tagging people who have helped me grow on the APD. @BananaHammock - As aids as you were, you encouraged me to apply for the APD and helped me get experience as a fresh deputy. It was nice to see you pop back around a few times as I continued to get through the ranks. @Lucki - Our friendship started with Tanoa, as I unintentionally johnson-hopped you when we were attempting to bring down the aids that was X Rated and Nerdz. I will not forget my spotty PO test where you literally had to repeat every question. As I got to SAPD, you became one of the best mentors to look up to. You were an amazing Deputy Chief and I was honored to be your successor in the position. You helped me with countless things, even after you went into retirement. It’s nice to see you hop into TS to play some Siege or PUBG every once in a while. I will look forward to your next drunk snap as long as it isn’t a dick pic. @Corporal Moob - Oh Moob where do I start, you good old hot-blooded Irish man. I remember that time that @Pledge and I drowned you in the water and you called Clemenza over the voice chat and attempted to argue with GOAT about the incident. You swindled your way to a pardon. Fast-forward a few months, and then you gave a Chief override on my corporal promotion despite GOAT smacking on his fresh pizza I bought him during the test. You were a very interesting person to meet, and I am glad to been able to look to you on certain advice in situations. @an overweight giant retard - I single handedly have to thank you most of all for just even getting to Sergeant in the first place. We established an amazing APD and I looked up to you as a great Chief the entire way through, even the last bit. I will not deny there are days that I wonder what would have happened if I just followed through with what you wished. I am extremely glad that I was able to make you an advisor when you were retired. Not only did that help re-establish a bit of that friendship, but also your experience in the role was absolutely needed for how I intended to implement changes. @TheRealKyle- Before I was brought into SAPD I thought you were a dickhead. I didn’t really know you, just saw your forum personality and made my opinions from that. Once I was SAPD and got to know you, you turned out to be one of the most down to Earth people on Olympus. You gave off this really approachable vibe and you were always extremely helpful. Really glad that I was able to meet you on SAPD. @EatMeth - Fuck you for a lot of things. Fuck you for cutting your locks of hair. Fuck you for making me come out of my weeb closet. But on the real you are a pretty chill person and it has been awesome to work with you in the past. I could look up to you as a fellow deputy chief and I probably should have made sure the coup didn’t hit you as hard as it did. HMU for next anime session. @Fat Clemenza - I didn’t really know you much till I was pretty much a LT. After that, I have gotten a chance to really utilize you as an amazing advisor when I was Chief and I really did wish that Malden would’ve worked out because you were gonna make a great Sheriff. @Strugglebus - I know you really don’t care much for me, and that’s honestly whatever. But you did make some bomb ass textures and although it was a struggle to work with you sometimes, it was always high quality shit in the end. I appreciate what you did do for APD before you left. @Mako - You are a little aids monkey but you do make some pretty good textures and you have a vision for how you want things ran. Continue to do a great job with Lead Designer and play nice with BrothaCain, Plumber, and Dante. @McDili - Your advice was a major impact on my administration as Chief. I could look to you for a solid opinion on almost every matter. I had no idea that you would ever be stepping down from owner before I was out of here. I am extremely glad that I was able to find an amazing friendship with you and can still look to you as one of the best people on Olympus. When I make a comeback, I expect us to also be bingeing only the gayest anime’s known to mankind. @Jesse - One of my tasks when I got Chief was to make sure that the relationship with developers was never as low as it had gotten at times with GOAT. I was glad that you too saw that there was completely unneeded tension between the SAPD and devs and helped me fix it. I am happy that we were finally able to establish a convenient system for development requests and I was able to look at you as a friend. Have fun with retirement and being that you are in WI as well, if you ever down to talk shit then you have my snap. @Peter Long - Congrats on becoming the new Owner. You have given lots to the community and it is nice to see it pay off in this fashion. I can only imagine that you will attempt to continue Olympus’s legacy and add your own little spice into it. There are some large opportunities to explore with the APD and I hope that with you being the new owner, some of those can be seen that don’t contrast your vision for the server. @Kurt - It was really nice to see you grow as a developer and work with you. I am sure that you can really fill Jesse’s shoes and will give Olympus your all. @Jordan540 - Glad to join you in retirement. You were an awesome person to meet and we have made many, many memories. Also fuck you for deciding to be useful after you stepped down. <3 @Pledge - Oh boy our relationship has been one rocky ass road. From helping me get into SAPD, to me demoting you instead of promoting you, we have not only been super close, but also pretty upset with one another. There are things you have done in the past that I wish I could forget about, however at the least I can say that I have definitely forgiving you for those at this point. At this point I can leave with peace of mind as I have complete trust in your ability to keep the APD’s head on its shoulders. Continue to inspire the juniors and find your little minions to one day become great themselves. I expect you to not only make it to Chief someday, but also to do great things with real life. Good luck on your adventure. You know where to find me if you need to talk or if you are in WI sometime. @Plumber - Dear Overlord, although I can only admire from a distance as your nose tends to reach the ends of the Earth, I am absolutely astonished by how loyal and patient one could be. I am glad to have you apart of the Chief circle to advise and help the SAPD. I hope that you find peace in your own little hot-headed adventure. @BrothaCain - You are a workhorse with a VERY specific vision. We have definitely had our differences in the past, however I know that you make every decision with full intend and love for the APD. Continue to follow this path and gain experience along the way. You might just be a sociopath because I don’t think you know how to empathize with people, but to an extend that is exactly what the APD needs - a solid backbone and thick skull. Don’t kill anymore puppies unless they are lap dogs like @Mako. @Dante - Fuck, since I was a PO on Tanoa and saw you going around with Br, I knew that you had a solid grasp on the rules. I am glad you made the decision to come on to the APD and excel here. You were not only a workhorse, but you were willing to learn anything and always had good opinions (TAKEN WITH A GRAIN OF SALT OF COURSE). You were a go-to choice when I became Chief and I am glad to have seen you stick around with me on the entire adventure. You 100% deserve this and I have full confidence that you will take the APD into something great. With a new owner at this time too, there is a lot of ground and opportunities that should explore. Congratulations on the promotion, now show Olympus how its done. @ rest of SAPD - I have trust that you all can continue to manage the APD. You all have done well these past couple months. I expect every single one of you to continue to flourish and gain experience. Some of these leadership and management traits might just carry-over into real life. Keep arguing with each other and stay true to yourself, it only helps the APD. Make sure that your opinions each get heard and work hard to refresh the faction and Olympus experience. There is probably several people who I didn’t tag that I would totally add, however my list would go for days if I really tagged everyone. To those who need inspiration or advice on getting ranked up in the APD: Keep working. The number 1 thing that people do is quit the second that they go down or feel like they won't go anywhere. Enjoy the time you put in, however be smart about it. People continue to put in amazing times but end up burning themselves out. The SAPD wants to see quality over hours that you can grind out. 5 hours of amazing quality RP and leadership > 15 hours of half assed or silent sessions. It was an absolute honor to be your Chief and I hope that I left a footprint on the APD, and the entire server for the future of Olympus. @Dante- your time to shine bud, best of luck. You know where to find me if you need anything. Special thanks to everyone who bought me a pizza. If any of you want my snap then buy me a pizza and you can enjoy the shitshow that is college. Also shameless plug here if I am ever online and willing to talk, I will likely be streaming too - https://www.twitch.tv/thecmdrrex
  14. So when is it being changed to where we don't have to engage and the server is just wasteland with medics?
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