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  1. Thanks for all the congrats on corporal!



    EDIT: fuck wrong account





    @Iceman seriously tho congrats. 

    1. Iceman


      🤣🤣 My alter ego we meet again! Hope you're doing well and staying safe. I was in your neck of the woods this past weekend for the 4th

    2. TheCmdrRex


      Ooo. Also let me know if Campbell has been giving you any issues and I’ll attempt to beat that caveman up!

  2. TheCmdrRex


    o7 man and enjoy retirement! Always was a joy to play games with you and having you at my back when you were with me in Senior APD and staff. I do expect to play some games with you are Jordan every now and then.
  3. Definitely a moment to remember that help is out there guys, and if you are ever contemplating suicide or in that state of mind, call 1-800-273-8255. 

    I didn’t even know Reckful but it gives me the feels from hearing about Sociopathic for the first time. Sad stuff. Fuck 2020

  4. Yeah probably most people that bet. The reason it is that way however is because Arma is unoptimized as fuck and so when each exchange of information from one client to another takes place, it can place stress on clients and the server. Most Cooldowns are there to prevent said stress. Betting is a bad player in that because it requires Player requests other player to do bet > player accepts bet > bet is decided > Bet decision is given to other player. that amount of remoteExecs at once, and many people doing it at once among everything else going on in the server = recipe for server performance to be in the shitter.
  5. Getting a full webcam and some new PC setup stuff. Needed full RGB so now my games will be running smooth as hell. 

    1. Millennium


      U gonna start streaming?

    2. TheCmdrRex
  6. The PS5 looks like something that @Hoonter uses for a dildo

    1. Kedar
    2. ooooooooo


      if you're not careful, hoonter will use you as a dildo

    3. Hoonter


      ehhh I could do it

  7. I just got the Corsair virtuoso. I love it, but if you have big ears it'll probably be uncomfortable and it’s definitely a bit heavy. Sound is great with a little EQ adjustments and the mic I hear is decent when I have tested it (however I use a standalone normally). Give it a shot and break into it for a week. If you still don’t like it then just send it back.
  8. It won’t delete, just will be less useful. Get two randoms to join your gang.
  9. It will lock on you, AKA you can’t access most of the features.
  10. Ahh boys voip is about to get real sexy

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TheCmdrRex


      @Azeh No kidding 😂

      Although I almost feel it was set to OPUS for a time under Jesse and then reverted back. There was like a solid two years of have decent voice then suddenly it went away. Wonder if it was something to do with default codec being changed through an Arma update.

    3. Azeh


      @TheCmdrRex Not sure myself. I just recall Olympus' VON sounding bad for as long as I can remember and never understood why it was like that. Nobody seemed to question it either. But oh well, not an issue anymore.

    4. Trimorphious


      always wondered why olympus had worse voip than other servers, thought it was for performance

  11. I get wanting things to be more active and adding things to do, but why add more events that basically just generate money with little risk when also actively trying to add money dumps? Just seems.... contradictory.
  12. Happy Birthday @ikiled
    Welcome to the next two years of "wow when can I be a useful age"

  13. Happy Birthday to a fellow Ryan with the same birthday as me. @Ryan Thanks for keeping the server warm for when I coup you from it 😉 

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