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  1. TheCmdrRex

    Should mean you pay 45% on the item discounted Not at all as long as no location is given
  2. TheCmdrRex

    Sadly yeah you are unable to claim it if that's the case. Maybe that can change if you talk to the admins about this ^_^
  3. TheCmdrRex

    Nothing different about engagement, and there is a list of active bounties on the current server at the hitman contractor
  4. Alright sorry about the delay. A bunch of stuff failed to obfuscate correctly last time and it should be good now. Update should be applied for all servers in like next 10 minutes

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    2. ZachTheAndal


      Vehicle despawn is broken. Crashed helis stay.

    3. Strikke


      2 hours ago, Ryan said:

      smh my head

      "Shaking my head my head"

    4. Ryan
  5. Reverting to the previous update while we figure out these obfuscation issues. Will try to get update fixed and pushed ASAP.

    1. d a k o t a
    2. Cale


      so did servers role back?

    3. HutnerGunner


      They better not i got like 30 warpoints

  6. What @Ryan said. Obfuscation fucked with a few things, in like 10 minutes garages seem to work and maybe some other stuff but trying to fix everything

  7. TheCmdrRex

    If you read it then you'd see it is back
  8. Added: Hitman Contract System Civilians can place hits on other civilians and cops Hits can be claimed by killing a player with a hit The total bounty will immediately transfer into the killers bank Gang and group mates will be unable to claim bounties Leaving gangs/groups to claim bounties is exploiting and will be banned for Hits must have a minimum bounty of $200k and maximum bounty of $50 million There will be a 20% fee for every hit placed Players will be notified when a hit is placed on them A new NPC at rebel has been added for hitman contracts All players with hits currently on the server can be viewed here Players can place hits here Players can escape their bounty after surviving for 12 hours in-game Civilian War Killstreaks You will receive an additional warpoint for every kill on and after your 3rd warkill This killstreak bonus will increment by 1 additional point for every 3 kills The killstreak bonus will max out at 5 additional warpoints per kill after 15 total kills If you die, respawn, or leave the server, the killstreak is reset Example: 3 kills = 1 warpoint bonus, 6 kills = 2 warpoint bonus, 18 kills = 5 warpoint bonus Loadout Saving for APD, RnR, and Vigilante Loadouts will have a separate save for each shop New Radio Channel: "Gang Talk" Disabled by default (Can be enabled in y-menu settings) Essentially a side chat with no medics but also works over death Civilian-exclusive Server and General Rules still apply so no meta gaming or harassment/racism etc. RnR can no longer spawn at hospitals that are adjacent to active federal events 150rnd SPAR-15s drum mag to warpoint shop Death screen now shows the name and gang of your killer Additional federal event logging ATM to Pyrgos Bank APD fee for dying at warzone Only corporals+ 50% of physical loadout is calculated and charged If fee cannot be covered, rest of bank will be charged Plane garage to Pyrgos HQ New Longsleeve Corporal Outfit APD Yorris Zubr Sight Your total bank balance now appears in the ticket dialog The APD may now send suspects to jail at the Altis Penitentiary "Request Denial" button after requesting a medic Sends request to medics asking to be denied Starter Pistol now available at gun store All colors of smoke to Vigilante shop "Exit" option for civilian pilots inside Air Vehicles Blame @Ryan when this is accidentally pressed Special Purpose Helmet (eNVGs) added to Blackwater loot pool "Push Plane" button Pushes plane in the direction you are looking Requires you to be close to the plane You will be banned for abusing this feature Option for APD to lower vigilante down by a single tier Chief of Police Y-32 Xi'an Infantry (Unarmed) RnR Coordinator Y-32 Xi'an Vehicle (Unarmed) RnR Offroad (Comms) for Advanced Paramedic and higher Re-added Louis Vuitton shirt New $50 Donor Ninja Turtle Ifrit Legendary Ifrit Rotation: Rockstar Ifrit New "Ripper Jacket" Texture New RnR Staff Coveralls Changed: Significantly optimized saving/loading rebel loadouts Passive perks discounts now apply Arms cartel discounts/payments now apply All weapons and gear should be calculated and validated straight from your own shops "Invalid" items should appear in side chat Notify a Developer if there is any issues or minor things that need to be added Physical Storage of houses now increases by 200 per upgrade instead of 150 and costs $200k per upgrade instead of $150k Current inventory sizes have been appropriately adjusted Physical Storage of houses now caps at 900 for 4th tier, 700 for 3 tier, 500 for 2 tier, and 300 for 1 tier houses Added additional ground vehicle spawn locations for OG Warzone Outpost South Air Garage Salt Flats Garage Sofia Garage Pyrgos HQ Increased the height of the Neochori Vigilante Outpost's H-Barriers Medical Command Outpost inside of Blackwater Dome is now a Military Command Outpost All instances of text across the exact middle of the screen should now appear slightly lower Contraband now saves over restarts/logging out Medics administering dopamine at active federal events will only receive 5k instead of 10k Ladders added onto white buildings at the Federal Reserve All vigilantes now have access to full arsenal of backpacks Location change and reworked areas of: Sofia Police HQ Neochori Police HQ Black Market Weed Frog Processing Moonshine Processing Cocaine Processing/Field Frog Swamp Iron Processing Platinum Trader Only location changes to: Ephedra Field Salt Trader Neochori Radio Tower Minor changes to all hospitals Hummingbird is now available at civilian air shop Rescue Boats can be purchased by non-donors now Swapped the location of the Arms Dealer with OG Moonshine area Moved the main air service station closer to the terminal Reverted Diamond Processing to a Shed Made many placed objects on the map can now take damage Increased redzone sizes of: Heroin Processor Pyrgos Chop Shop Ephedra Field Phosphorus Field, Athira Rebel (to the long rocks) Updated SAPD Ghosthawk Texture Updated SAPD Uniform and Texture Updated AHP Uniform Texture Reverted Blue Corporal Uniform to Black Uniform All Colored UI should now be set to player's game color This excludes the bottom right HUD This should be changeable via Configure > Game > Colors If there is any UI that is not customizable then submit a bug report Give item range to 20 meters Allowed federal events to be started during a bank robbery Moved Pyrgos Checkpoint Fire escapes added to almost every office building Height of light poles in all Police HQs Vigilante Outpost map markers Max lottery tickets to 10 Titan message to be consistent with other messages Salt Flats garages are now unlocked regardless of Blackwater Seizing a vigilante license now resets their tier to 0 Cops can now contest cartels Slight change to bank layout "American Superiority" Offroad and 50cal texture is now available for all Civilians can now wear Corporal Uniforms instead of just Patrol Officer RnR Donor SUV Fixed: Corporals no longer have .45 and 9mm Suppressors SGTs+ Should now be able to equip .45 and 9mm Suppressors Medic Hunter now has working lights AHP Orca is no longer invisible The "End" key can now be binded again Illegal uniforms will now be seized when going to jail Backpacks will come back if you pay bail Support Team titles and title colors now apply over all factions Gang Garages now work everywhere instead of just gangsheds MRCO whitelisted for APD usage "Get Keys" now works for gang vehicles Destroyed vehicles failing to despawn within 90 seconds Fixed the hole in Air HQ A few donor items that were available for under $15 donors Vigilantes with over 15 arrests but under 30 were able to tase with a Sting 9mm The gang garage now charges for pulling vehicles The correct pull price will now appear in the garage screen Exploit related to being able to shoot while defusing Ability to daisy chain service offroads Fixed a couple toolkit and impound titles Senior APD were unable to purchase SDARs Removed: APD Armed jeep APD Assault boat APD Motorboat Air Plane Hangers from Checkpoints Redundant map objects affecting performance Pygros Service Station hanger Last month's scavenger hunt Due to feedback we will see more in the future Promet from Patrol Officers The static Medic discount based on ranks RnR Mohawk American Pride Shirt As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it. We can not continue to do updates like this without your support. You can help here.
  9. TheCmdrRex

  10. TheCmdrRex

    You know it's not required to buy the DLC right?
  11. Servers are updated. Sorry for the delay, I was sleeping.

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    2. Ronin


      does this mean my duper friends are unbanned or still until the next 'real' update

    3. Pledge


      48 minutes ago, Ronin said:

      does this mean my duper friends are unbanned or still until the next 'real' update

      Next update. 

    4. TheCmdrRex


      @Ronin I didn’t have to update the mission file for this ArmA update. So next update.

  12. Congrats on Developer. You can step down from Mod now @Pledge


    1. Doctor Doom

      Doctor Doom

      dude i have been fucking with this song for so long :D


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