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  1. Alright where is my rank 4 and my uno legend tag? @Ryan

    1. Ryan


      Oh shit I gotchu in 20 minutes my guy

    2. Egnazio


      Don't forget that you have access to gang funds. This being said you can withdraw funds as well as DEPOSIT funds. Just keep that in mind

    3. Ryan
  2. TheCmdrRex

    Depends on who you talk to. Most civilians don't try to ask though.
  3. TheCmdrRex

    Sounds like he was just supporting someone to his full extent while on Support team
  4. Avicii died :( 

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    2. Unjo


      I didnt know I was lost

    3. Mike Pence

      Mike Pence

      22 minutes ago, Luke Duke said:

      R Lee Ermey died this week too.

      I don't really know who aviciii is but Rip

      PRIVATE PYLE! Rest In Peace.

    4. Luke Duke

      Luke Duke


      -sir, 5' 8", sir


  5. TheCmdrRex

    No - just obviously the cops in the training dome must stay away from the cops doing their thing in the HQ, same vice versa. Common sense will be used in these cases, and civs shouldn’t expect a ban or blacklist if it is the cops that messed with another situation while they were training.
  6. TheCmdrRex

    They should be fair game if they are not at the training dome in Prygos HQ. APD officers cannot use training as a shield (they cannot take civilians they have caught into a training to avoid being attacked by other civilians)
  7. TheCmdrRex

    We still haven't worked out much with the takeovers If none of you haven't realized, Deadpool likes to talk out of his ass more than occasionally
  8. Also congrats to @OutCast on being a commie red now

  9. Congrats @Grandma and the Old Fuck @Deputy Dog

    1. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      Thanks <3 

  10. TheCmdrRex

    Find a house outside of Sofia = Solution
  11. This rule change is effective immediately. Post any questions/concerns below. Chapter XIII - APD Equipment & Ground Vehicles APD Tools The SDAR can be used by POs+ without approval of a Sergeant as long as the suspect is in the water or there is no other way of dealing with him (I.E. on a roof, in a locked house with no available Corporal or higher online). In other words, use it as a last resort. In all other cases, a Sergeant or higher will need to approve the use of an SDAR. This does not mean you will be able to store an SDAR in your backpack. After you have used the SDAR, seize it. This means that a Patrol Officer may use an SDAR in a situation that requires it if a corporal is online, but the corporal too busy to respond to the situation that needs lethal force. Things to note: A Corporal+ must be asked first if there is one online (Specifically for all cases outside of the water) The Corporal+ that approves this must actually be busy and not available. (Corporals+ will be held accountable for this)
  12. @Egnazio Time to use: 


    1. Jaster


      I'm Anthony Sullivan, and this is why I masturbate.

    2. DeadPool


      Im dead 

  13. @I Am Fuzzy You need some family bonding like this man:


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    2. TheCmdrRex



    3. Genghis Khan

      Genghis Khan

      That lady in pink is looking like a Snacc

    4. Seth Mobster

      Seth Mobster

      45 minutes ago, Genghis Khan said:

      That lady in pink is looking like a Snacc


  14. If you are going to pursue people out then carry a po7 or something
  15. To those who think this is a joke: @Ignis McBanHappy isn’t staff anymore, so you can rest easy.

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