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  1. ^^
  2. I mean,... you did switch lanes right as he was going to pass you.
  3. Blame @Fedot
  4. Most of the money is spent quickly, and dispersed throughout several players. It's not like we have a chart with all the money on Olympus lol.
  5. ... winner winner....
  6. Those were medics ^_^
  7. No texture bugs for me, but I do get the normal crashes that Arma typically has after an update.
  8. @Mercury
  9. ^^ Ban Appeal.
  10. Poseidon handing out bans like:


    But in all seriousness submit an appeal if you don't think it was fair.

    1. DeadPool1337


      This fucking made my day XD

  11. Topics merged.
  12. They both left bud....
  13. o7