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  1. A coup I wasn’t apart of? 👀

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    2. Creepy
    3. TheCmdrRex


      Lmao bet I’ll dev again 

    4. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      Yeah well this time the rat didn’t win so we’re evolving.

  2. I expect ya'll to match your K/D from here when ya get drafted 

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    2. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      Put me in the hawk I’m ready

    3. DABESTeva


      imma quick peek some niggas

    4. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      Gimme Iran’s presidents location and ILL DROP the fucking squad on his head guns hot NO CAP ON MOMMY AND THE UNITED STATES ‼️‼️🌝🔫🔫💯💯‼️‼️🌝

  3. Do not @ me you fucking crackhead. Was never at all involved in that shit
  4. How far down the trello do we think this stuff is
  5. After almost 3 years and a half of being around this community it is time for me to take my leave from the game as well as the development and the staff portion of the community. I have had some amazing memories over the years, built up some great friendships, and met a LOT of great people here. I have also learned some valuable life and technical skills within the faction, administrative, and development teams. There are a few reasons for my departure from staff - one of them is that I have consistently burned myself out the past 9 months with development. I tried my best to ensure development was as good as I could get it. There were definitely times when this was still rocky, but I like to think I made a good contribution to the development cycle of the team. I have had no ambition for playing the game consistently, however I did and still do enjoy the rare session in-game. Maybe you'll catch me every once in a while. Another reason I am leaving is that I find myself enjoying the time I spend doing other things outside of Olympus. I'd much rather spend time relaxing and playing games that I enjoy, learning something that will be applicable to the future, and doing other non-Olympus/Arma related things. 3 and a half years with most of it being very active involvement in the server does burn you out eventually. And finally, I just don't agree with the direction that the server is headed. I have tried to change this, to put a vision in place that I think better fits Olympus; However it seems that whatever I try just doesn't seem to matter at some point. A lot of lessons and experiences that we already have been past has been needed to be re-learned with new staff or new positions within staff. What I have thought to be the most obvious of decisions turns out to be something that requires month long scrutiny, and decisions that should require careful examination have been decided upon within minutes. I have seen Olympus grow through a lot and that has help mold my vision for Olympus, but the past few months I have felt that those views have been disregarded all too frequently, and that has led to lots of burned bridges and hardships for not only individuals and groups, but Olympus as a whole. That being said, Ryan has a lot of passion for seeing Olympus grow. Although in my opinion he still has a lot of things to learn (not saying I didn't either), everyone should realize the care he has for the community. He will continue to face hardships as all owners do, but he will face each one with his best intentions for Olympus at heart. In my opinion, he has potential to be the best Owner for Olympus during this time, and I ask that you respect him for his care as Owner compared to owner's in the past. I have met way too many people to @ every single friend. If you wish to play or talk, you likely have my Steam or Snapchat. @Jordan540 You get an @ tho cause you have been a homie through the start. You guys are left in good hands development wise. @Pledge, @Civak, and @Zahzi have been the primary workers for this recent update and relevant hotfixes, and my help was minimal. I expect they will continue to learn and grow as development staff to carry Olympus well. Zahzi has taken the helm of most of the lead developer tasks, with help from other senior staff on management of the development and design teams. Civak and Pledge have proven to be excellent moderate SQF developers, and they will continue to learn. There are even applications in that have some merit for future contributors. I expect those interested to take their opportunity and apply as well. Even if it is SQF, you will learn a thing or two. Development of Olympus is in a good place. Olympus has been a place to call a second home. A lot of us have been through thick and thin and look towards Olympus to distract us from the hardships in life, as well as play with old friends and meet new ones. Although ArmA itself is a dying game, I know that Olympus will stick through it because this community is more than just a simple game. I will continue to pop around every once in a while to talk, play games, and when needed, help the staff teams. Although it isn't always great at time, it has been an absolute pleasure to be apart of this community, and to hopefully have made an impact with some of you. I will see you around Olympus. o7
  6. Warpoints should sync properly now. Still need to fix the Server Best titles and then the stat syncing. 12 Units ETA.

  7. Functionality for some broken things is slowly being restored when I get time. Biggest one as of now is vehicles left out after restart will now appear in your garage. No comp request needed for any lost thus far, they will be back after next restart.

    1. Pledge


      I worship you.

    2. Jimmy Jarvis

      Jimmy Jarvis

      Pretty sure warpoints are broken again as well.

    3. TheCmdrRex


      @Jimmy Jarvis Yeah part of the same issue. Essentially I have to rewrite the SQL code for it all and stats and warpoint code was a little more complex 

  8. Working on it. Same issue will affect warpoints, stats, and houses. Will also affect some other various stuff as well ?
  9. You are gonna have to @ the invision community developers then
  10. Server 3 is back to it's weekend scheduling now. Sorry for the delay (had to fix attempted GW stuff)

  11. A month ago I was told the gang wars mission file was ready to go. I didn’t worry about it because I figured the person telling me was competent enough to be honest and have it ready. Boy was I wrong. This is a big L for us.

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    2. thor


      removed ikiled, he's just a retard and wasting ryans paychecks to devs

    3. maxg


      I would rather wait 8 hours to fight again than this lol

    4. d a k o t a
  12. This is remarkably alike. Like not a single name was misplaced.
  13. I brought server 3 back up. Not entirely sure why it was down, could have just crashed earlier or @Ryan shut her down. As soon as he responds to my snaps (he is prolly at work) then I'll either take it back down or bring it up depending on whether s3 being down was intentional or not.
  14. Idea: Point based system that is active between 4 PM EST to 11 PM EST on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Gangs must hold a capture point till they earn 75 points, and then the cap point is done. 1 minute = 1 point. 2 to 3 capture points across all servers. Payouts are dynamic and money will be dished out at end of night based on points captured or points that were obtained before someone else captured. That way people who got close can at least get something to pay back loadouts. Best gangs monthly get extra special stuff such as perks maybe? Skins are cool but not very efficient and simple to implement for a month so I would not like to do that. Probably would get this stuff tracked live on a web panel too @ikiled Thoughts?
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