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  1. If you buy a huron and are lower than dep Chief you gonna get a nice blacklist so you better sell it @APD

  2. TheCmdrRex

    Idk it’s fake they probably duped it
  3. if ur decline from APD how long til I can make another application?

  4. TheCmdrRex

    That’s when you get dili to search for gold sold after federal events
  5. @McDili Where those stats at?
  6. TheCmdrRex

  7. TheCmdrRex

    This is not what I intended for you to do x.x Gary literally made this like less than a two months ago: https://olympus-entertainment.com/topic/24717-olympus-price-guide-2018/?tab=comments#comment-296508 We use that sheet for comps. Changes needed should be suggested - not a new sheet getting made....
  8.  @Peter Long of all the ones to get featured on...

    1. communistjosh


      Now peter is gonna become famous and be too good for us :(

    2. thor
  9. Paying serious money for a copy of that perm PO list boys 

    I wanna see how much effort was put in to make this :lol:

    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. Panda :)

      Panda :)

       some of you guys try way too hard I am not trying to be cocky in the slighest but some of you guys expect to get pulled for a corporal test as soon as you meet the requirements THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN and honestly activity is a huge part of your promotion be active get your hours and such just don’t put in like 50-60 hour weeks I did for a few weeks and now I am bored and I am taking a break doesn’t look good on me at all almost a month LOA right after I got corp but I just played way too much right before I got it so best advice be the best version of you take leadership and put in a decent amount of time and know the handbook and you will be on your way to corp.

    3. thor


      1 hour ago, Homicide said:

      People need to stop beacuse i got a corp test so i know no list exist i hope to one day soon get another chance at it 



    4. Homicide


      @thor I dont need that dumbass website bro i dont care about grammar this is the internet who gives a fuck i can write with perfect punctuation i just choose not to when i was in high school i took AP English courses and i was in AP creative writing I just write like this cuz IDGAF i aint here to write a fuking essay 

      @Panda :) Couldn't have said it better myself. Best answer you can give someone. See I can use good grammar. LOL 

  10. TheCmdrRex

  11. TheCmdrRex

    Wait Senior Deputy wasn't a senior position?
  12. TheCmdrRex

    This has gotten to a ridiculous level lmao Colt over here trying to be a wannabe Edward Snowden thinking he knows what he talking about Deadpool tryna bait me to bring out the good ol' nuclear codes Not worth my time to even counter the holes and hypocrisy in the arguments anymore. @Silton I recant my post earlier sir you weren't the one that made this aids @TheRealKyle Nice to see you back I cannot imagine the good laughs being had in AK right now This has been a good drama post folks I will see you all back next month for another great knee-slapper
  13. TheCmdrRex

    Now that is a valid reason to why people wouldn’t want to do them. Not just running it off as channel stacking. Some changes to BW is something to work with your civ reps on. Especially those points. Not channel stacking. Because half your ideas were not thought out. You tried hard to bring ideas up but you never put enough effort in a lot of those ideas. Quality > quantity my dude.
  14. TheCmdrRex

    That wouldn’t explain why feds and done but not BWs. They both get stacked.
  15. TheCmdrRex

    This is why BWs didn’t change much in your tenure.

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