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  1. asking to get beat up
  2. I think of upreme
  3. i forgot to make a leaving post but I left 4-5 months ago if y’all ain’t noticed

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HyperGoat


      didnt even realise 

      who are you again?

    3. Augustus


      6 hours ago, HyperGoat said:

      didnt even realise 

      who are you again?

      yeah I’d expect that I’ve been gone for a while so most people don’t remember me


      nothing wrong with bad memory 

    4. HyperGoat


      im kidding dude youre vx augustus, i see you lurking the forums


  4. o7 bud, I remember when you gave that long ass speech in VX teamspeak and got SR. VX from it
  5. ass
  6. gang life is coming back boys, @BobsYourAuntie is unbanned

    1. BobsYourAuntie


      You'll see me in neo skatting

  7. They’re probably going to be adding the vans in, mainly because there are ambulance vans, and that’s a lot better than box trucks. Hopefully at least.
  8. https://m.soundcloud.com/lilbarnacle/moshpit-ft-p-o-p-and-wasabi
  9. im afraid so :^)))))))
  10. why don’t we just perm both of them and be over with, THAT isn’t against the ToS boonie should be permed rn anyways
  11. well maybe he plays on >60 FPS

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