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  1. happy birthday queer @William 'Daniel' Wallace

    1. William 'Daniel' Wallace

      William 'Daniel' Wallace

      Well aren't you one fine good looking gent

  2. surprised nikoteen hasn't killed himself yet

    1. Augustus


      btw, anyone trying to make a meme out of this for nikoteen 


    2. Col3


      17 minutes ago, Augustus said:

      btw, anyone trying to make a meme out of this for nikoteen 


      this was already made into a meme and it was good. Don't try to make another one for something else and fuck it all up :)

    3. DeadPool1337



      or on a scale of Robin Williams to Kurt Cobain how depressed are you? 

  3. happy birthday quinton :)

  4. why the FUCK did my boy tman get removed from admin? He was one of the only good admins here 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Creepy


      You could have at least approved my comp ticket before you got the boot. Selfish.

    3. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      i'm asking the same question

    4. Sociopathic
  5. happy birthday dejay

  6. Can't wait for all the rats to claim my ifrits after a cartel, whoo hoo ! Seriously, nice update though. Removing the Vermins was a good decision.
  7. vote for the boy mory

    1. Excision


      see what happened last time we let a black man in office..........


  8. happy birthday to the boy himself, @Poseidon

  9. happy birthday @Serpico, thanks for doing everything you've done for the server! happy birthday @Maddog, you're one of my favorite people in this community, and doing hostage situations with you in kavala was fun

    1. Maddog


      Ahhh yes, hostage situations. I still have all my Sgt and LT gear in the house that shall remain without location. Don't want Eatmeth getting his uniform back :P

  10. my house :^)
  11. did you not make the exact same post not even a month ago ecksdee or that one
  12. 1. APD (higher ranks) @Maddog(Retired)@TheRealKyle@EatMeth 2. APD (lower ranks) @heyday @BobsYourAuntie 3.MEDIC (higher ranks) @DaneG TNMBESTGANG 4.MEDIC (lower ranks) Marty (Not sure if he's a medic anymore) 5. vigillantes: 6. TAXI drivers: Marty
  13. idk the devs should probably focus on real things instead of a color of a hexagon, seems pretty useless to me