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  1. actually that is incorrect
  2. Sorry, didn't order a wheelchair, must have the wrong address.
  3. Finally off mod que. God you people need band aids for everything

  4. make the server even lagger? nah
  5. [OS] EatMeth

    Image result for emoji thinking face

  6. happy bday :wub: 

  7. @Snare happy bday :wub: welcome to adulthood

  8. @GummyCow 17 wow im so proud of you !!!!

  9. Headless client raped asylum please no
  10. How many byes have mc had in gang wars? Just wondering..

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. RambleR


      Rather get a bye than not be able to play, have fun watching tom. Not sure why you care so much.

    3. 7om


      i have community service anyway but im just saying :) 

    4. SystemChips


      Not sure about 1 and 2, and not sure if this one has been released yet but 3 byes from gang wars 4-9 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v9TqY6YzulU60IFnfz3bZdeRe7KlDydE3fU7HH00QI0/edit#gid=69392031

  11. They still haven't fixed naked bug :huh:

    1. DeadPool1337
    2. 7om


      Talking about BI , its been a thing for 2 years

    3. Jmb


      Olympus can easily fix it too, smack something like this onto a button/hotkey, @Serpico

      player setUnitLoadout getUnitLoadout player;
      [] call fn_playerskins;


  12. My vac ban was over 1,000 days ago. I got banned for having my WarZ cheats open while playing cs. Never cheated on cs tho
  13. Good for you and thanks for putting the time in for making new cartel areas for the community. But please at least make it better for defense.