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  1. would love to enter
  2. Everyone, this man here is THE BEST arma 3 player that ever played. It's a real honor to play in his gang and learn everything to learn from this skillful god. If you ever get a chance to join Complexity, join it and you won't regret it!:wub:

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    2. Hectic
    3. Luke Duke

      Luke Duke

      You should have seen how good he used to be at pushing big towers

    4. Tom


      Just my old internet @Luke Duke


  3. e311ff9fb52517b8ffd256fb0c985ea6.png


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    2. Dante


      1 hour ago, Ryan said:

      Your welcome.



      Glad to see you can't spell either. 



    3. Ryan


      1 minute ago, Dante Fleury said:



      Glad to see you can't spell either. 



      Wow bullying me, calling FBI rn.

    4. DashTonic


      2 hours ago, Ryan said:

      Wow bullying me, calling FBI rn.

      no BALLZ

  4. 917F72143A90B7AA8200A194C667E323F37906BE


    1. Excision


      exploiting Reeeeeeee!

    2. Tom


      not even my screenshot reee!

  5. defibs? @McDili

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    2. MrBoonie


      I'll answer on staffs behave, no. R&R will remain a faction, with the implementation of defibs R&R will be null and that shit will never happen.


      @Jesse amirite

    3. rp slayer

      rp slayer

      @Proud well @Snare is my papa so he's ur big papa which doesnt chnage the fact u still need to call me big daddy in ts 

    4. Proud


      So @rp slayer I cal you big papa and I call @Snare big ass papa, I like it :)

  6. Yes and Steven has a nice smile
  7. So when are defibs getting added?
  8. supreme store
  9. happy birthday 18th steven :wub:

    1. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      Ty mr tom sir

  10. Definitely don't work in fast food industry anymore but good try big man. Have fun answering phones for the rest of your life!

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