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  1. I Am Fuzzy

    start it up
  2. I Am Fuzzy

    I do not play on Olympus anymore. I do however play other games with many members of Olympus. Tomorrow I’m headed down to the hotel, and the next morning I will be on a plane headed to Navy Bootcamp. It’s gonna be about 2 months so I’ll talk to you guys after that. Peace
  3. I Am Fuzzy

  4. ju xbt fa mnbp

    1. Nurse Lou

      Nurse Lou

      he figured it out

    2. Strikke


      "it was ez lmao" btw

    3. N7Zero


      my dumbass got neptune.. ima go neck :FeelsBad:

      wat was the answer?

  5. @cLoak just won the 20k keemstar fortnite tournament 

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    2. McDili


      Olympus is a platform for success, truly.

    3. Egnazio


      19 hours ago, McDili said:

      Olympus is a platform for success, truly.

      Yeah, without Olympus @McDili would still be a virgin.

    4. McDili


      Bruh I lost my virginity like 10 years ago.

  6. I Am Fuzzy

  7. @3 Rip i recovered the account you won on accident. heres the unlock code L7CRRHX

  8. If you play Fortnite check your emails. 656f5dbee5b6ab194bb29ba4eefaad6b.png

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    2. ChubbyElf


      sorry ill ask them to stop

    3. obeymatt


      11 minutes ago, ChubbyElf said:

      sorry ill ask them to stop

      THanks habibi

    4. Ryan


      Same here 


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