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  1. Has anybody gotten the AirPods. Thinking about picking up a pair. 

    1. Bobby Ricky

      Bobby Ricky

      Nah, they are really easy to misplace or lose imo, not worth,

    2. Poseidon
  2. @McDili See everytime I bitch and moan about donor perks, they seem to go up the same day.

  3. 22 days in and no donation goal... Get a grip. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. McDili


      It is indeed. But complaining about it doesn't help anybody.

    3. Raine


      I heard it's already been decided on so why not just post it?

    4. Bow


      Its a surprise, do you not like surprises? Too bad

  4. these need to stop
    1. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      I have the glossy Iphone 7 plus but I can never really enjoy it because it's always been in a case. So if you buy that it will probably just go in a case. 

  5. you sure can pick your seniors
  6. @TheRandomOne wouldn't it have been smarter to make your news team shit a blog...

    1. Fedot


      Wouldnt it have been smarter to not have news team

    2. TheRandomOne


      Let me just dust off the ol' xanga page, we'll use that.



  7. I don't actually want to join...
  8. Win the 300k @cLoak

  9. unloyal
  10. 50% of why i left the apd
  11. Stop sucking e-dick
  12. If I still played Arma it wouldn't be on Olympus. It's the internet. If you can't hadle the toxicity over the internet then your not mature enough to be on it.
  13. Definitely not the right way to go about this.