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  1. Normally I would help out, but I've got a team and we're signed up for the RLCS so I'm practicing only with them for now.
  2. I like the new poll. Way more relevant!
  3. I have an MTP bipod. It's not khaki, but it's a bipod nonetheless. Would you be interested in that?
  4. CSATs have all been bought for 5mil from Walsh.
  5. Currently have 53 CSAT uniforms that I'm selling and need them gone in a week. Inventory is as follows: Three (3) Pilot Coveralls Twenty-four (24) Ghilles (Hex) Eighteen (18) Fatigues (Hex) Eight (8) Fatigues (Green Hex) Selling them for 150k each, or if you buy in bulk: 8 for 15% discount, 10 for 20% discount, and 12 for 30% discount. Reply if you're interested and I'll PM you a time which we can meet up for the selling. All the CSATs are in my server 2 houses.
  6. https://gyazo.com/b0af45eb971aafda3fbb56f04346f032

    I'm glad BI is getting their priorities straight....

  7. Congratulations You may think me weak for stepping down like this, but my heart can’t take anymore beat downs. I joined the Olympus Community on September 30th, 2015 and made the staff by February of 2016. And every single day I’ve been messaged by different people, harassing me, tearing me apart because I’m a woman in a community of people who can’t stand the fact that I hold power above them. To dispel the rumors, I did NOT send nudes to get Air Responder. I did NOT send nudes to get moderator. I did NOT send nudes to get Admin. You want to know what I did? I worked hard. I showed an interest in helping a community that tore me apart. I followed the established rules and was kind to each person I met in game. I was not toxic and I did not tear people down. I set an example and helped those who needed it even before I reached Sr. R&R and the staff team. I cared. Some of you wonder why you were overlooked for staff or for certain ranks. Have you stopped to consider your behavior and actions towards others? Every single day I put up with people who could hide behind a computer screen and use typed words to make someone feel like absolute shit. After a year and a half of reading the same thing over and over and over again, I began to believe it. It isn’t everyone, but a few can feel like a thousand. When you criticize and make fun of me, can’t you hear the tears in my voice? Can you feel the pain in my words that I have masked for hundreds of days now? Or are you laughing at me while reading this? Or have you stopped reading? Do you not see the tears in my smile? Can you not hear the way my voice breaks or the laugh to cover it up? When you hide behind that computer screen and tear people down, do you feel powerful? Do you feel like you have meaning? Do you feel pride in your actions? Do you smile when you hear the pain in their voice? Do you forget that we are all human, sitting here with actual feelings? Yes, this is a video game. But we are real people who can be hurt by mere words. It’s like the saying “You could be told 99 positives in one day and only remember that 1 negative.” I put my heart on display for all to see and those of you who want to hurt others, who want to cause pain, used the power granted to you by your peers to pulverize my heart. You smashed it to pieces that will require a lot of work and devotion to put back together. When someone puts themselves on display, they submit themselves to the mercy of others. It is your choice to treat them with love, or to do what you did to me and crush them into nothing. Every single day, I fought back the urge to give up, to quit. And every single day, I found a reason to fight back. But for the past few weeks, I haven’t found anything other than more reasons to give up. And yet, I would crawl across cut glass to get this message to you guys. Because maybe, just maybe, I can spare some of you the pain that I haven’t forgotten in the past year and a half in this community. You are worth it. And if no one has told you that you are cared about, you are loved, you are valuable, it makes me angry because you are worth so much more sometimes than what people let you believe. I have fought for you guys up to the point of exhaustion. Even those of you who won’t change, read this and understand. I fought for you because I wish someone would have fought for me. But I’m exhausted and I can’t fight for people who won’t change. I don’t expect people to change tomorrow and I doubt this will have any effect. But I have a spark of hope that I wish those of you who care, will turn into an inferno. All it takes is the action of one to make a difference. Don’t be that person who tears people down because it makes you feel better. Make yourself feel better by being kind, by doing the right thing. For those of you who don’t care, congratulations. You’ve succeeded in destroying yet another person. Feel happy about it? As for everyone else, it has been so much fun playing with you guys. Every day I looked forward to spending time with you guys, creating funny memories. You won’t be forgotten. Don't forget that we are still human. - Dezree
  8. Happy Birthday Dez!!!!!!!!! :D 

  9. Happy birthday, Dez!

  10. Happy Birthday Mom!

  11. Happy Birthday! 

  12. That amazing moment when you find $75 worth of Gamestop giftcards in a drawer on your desk. Sent the sister to Gamestop to buy me Steam cards with it LOL

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dezree


      I'm not allowed to operate motor vehicles since my surgery the other day. Not lazy.

    3. Merpfer


      That's what they all say slacker

    4. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Dez. Don't listen to Merper. He just wants attention. Also, you did good trying to get those steam cards right now since Gamestop is closing about 175 of their stores! They might be closing one near you!

  13. Due to recent events, we will be going through the logs with a fine-toothed comb searching for the remaining dupers. We are going all the way back to January 1st of 2016 and will be checking the logs for everyday since. There will be no where to hide. We are going to be searching servers 1 and 2 ALONG WITH TANOA. Here is your chance and it is only being offered once: If you have not been caught yet, you will be. It is in your best interest to turn yourself in for a lighter ban sentence or face a perm. Those who decide to turn themselves in, there is no set ban sentence so depending on severity, the sentence can range from 7 days to 2 months. For those who have already be perm'd, they are not being lifted. If you would like to turn yourself in, message any of the staff.
  14. I have my ways...
  15. don't let your memes be dreams


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