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  1. Due to recent events, we will be going through the logs with a fine-toothed comb searching for the remaining dupers. We are going all the way back to January 1st of 2016 and will be checking the logs for everyday since. There will be no where to hide. We are going to be searching servers 1 and 2 ALONG WITH TANOA. Here is your chance and it is only being offered once: If you have not been caught yet, you will be. It is in your best interest to turn yourself in for a lighter ban sentence or face a perm. Those who decide to turn themselves in, there is no set ban sentence so depending on severity, the sentence can range from 7 days to 2 months. For those who have already be perm'd, they are not being lifted. If you would like to turn yourself in, message any of the staff.
  2. I have my ways...
  3. don't let your memes be dreams

  4. I'll miss you Bubba
  5. Oi, congrats on admin, woulda said something earlier but I got moderated by a very angry brit.



    Was totally the petition... @Fedot

  6. https://gyazo.com/ebc8dc9fb54946888b2a7d9c1d4473f1
    "We're all going to hell and I'm drivin' the bus!" - TheRandomOne

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    2. Danger
    3. TheRandomOne


      Just remember guys. TheRandomOne.....not that guy in tree

    4. TheCmdrRex


      @TheRandomOne  oh wait I meant to tag @ThatRandomGuy   

  7. now you can spawn ifrits ffs. 

    1. Corbaaan


      Dont be despawning them on me 

  8. i HTAE u  . u kiled me once nd i despis u for it

    1. Dezree



  9. I would also like to bring attention to the fact that impersonating a staff member is a ban-able offense. Anyone caught impersonating a staff member will be receiving administrative action at the discretion of the staff member.
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    2. TheCmdrRex


      Can't wait to fight feds again!

    3. Dezree


      It doesn't completely fix it, but it certainly helps. In an entire server uptime, I only got glitched once verses it used to happen at least 5-6.

    4. Matt Black

      Matt Black

      Nevermind..  You saw already.

      Edited by Matt Black
  10. mad catter