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  1. cant really stop it. look at wow, they strictly forbid it. and yet chinese gold farmers make thousands of dollars.
  2. Hi.

    1. Lethal


      hello @Jesse

      Edited by Lethal


      Lol, nice talk guys. Lol

  3. i have some nice S1 moonshine houses if anyone wants.

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    2. Talindor
    3. Joel
    4. Linka


      i got on asylum and I saw u then I was alone then I got off

  4. i miss you guys. I know this isnt asylum but heres what ive been up to

     hmu for gang wars

    1. Linka


      you better hit me up lethal for this shit 

  5. arma performance is based on Single Core performance of your CPU
  6. when you have way too many recordings, and need to make a server just for old clips. 9aad1a88436ce4aa02b6082ceb7df216.png

  7. i was a 60htz pleb up untill 2 days ago. 1440p 144htz with Gsync is the best thing i have ever expereienced. Gsync is awesome. what it does is matches your refresh rate to your frame rate all the time. eliminating screen tear.
  8. i meant to quote wavious not rusty.. i banned wavious from our ts for being a a bitchboy consistently
  9. i should have banned you from teamspeak sooner than i did
  10. im great at RP https://i.gyazo.com/716586f2e11a1fc6b70a0faface79f1b.mp4
  11. App

    i got it. A simple RSS feed based application that tells you when your cartel is being contested. I made something really similiar for asylum. it never got really implemented tho.

    1. Jaeger Mannen

      Jaeger Mannen

      Why does that dude remind me of @Ash

    2. Ash


      That girls got an issue... There's no way that was a beach @Jaeger Mannen

    3. Rake


      Why do i find this the funniest thing ever


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    2. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Oh. I figured. Damn you Arma. 

    3. Lethal


      @Bubbaloo im running a titan X (slightly OCd not that it matters)  also i really didnt test FPs differences, arma is the worst game to benchmark on, as FPS is more serverside than anything. and yes, i have changed a few of my ingame settings.

    4. Bubbaloo Burrito