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  1. can you unban my second account that i was ban evading on like 2 years ago? or just transfer my money from that account
  2. i wasnt really butthurt. Enjoy your trip you belligerent, drunk, cunt.
  3. i need a few people to consistently play PUBG with. solos bore me after one game. Let me know if interested

    1. Rusty


      cost's for carries

  4. wow fuck you too faggot.
  5. hurrdurrr realism REEEEEEEEEE.
  6. i wouldnt have wanted to get catfished with anyone else
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/L9th9L  


    1. McDili


      Offline 25 minutes after the post. Dafuq man

    2. Lethal


      YEAH.. i hate singles, and nobody else wanted to play sorry 

  8. If someone allows their day to be ruined by a post/comments on an extremely isolated part of the internet, they should maybe not be on the internet. People who play victim on the internet are the same people who lack total social skills in real life.(not saying i have great social skills, i dont) People just need to learn to turn off the monitor if they are getting upset.
  9. i duped like 100 mil worth of storage crates back in the day. got unbanned after a year, usually the punishment fits the crime
  10. is this how you rp? https://i.gyazo.com/d9a097460e2dcc645c4cc36f41a38034.mp4
  11. 'U_i_soldier_VR' plz

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