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    Nascar with horses. Nothing gets the blood flowing like horses making left turns OH JESUS FREAKIN YEA!

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  1. Heard of ya, never knew ya, Happy Birthday.

  2. boy...oh...boy..

    1. Ace


      Poke me when ur in here

  3. Welcome to the group of "Retired Staff" my friend. Ill talk to ya in ts ;)
  4. Happy 12th Birthday, so proud of you Acey!

  5. I remember when Poseidon said OVH was awesome choice....gg bud

  6. dfox....ur literally a dumb dick...
  7. I have an account with Arma 3 and csgo rank Global for sell hit me up! Still available

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TheRealKyle


      ill give you 2 coconuts and a pine cone

    3. Kenji


      3rip will want that arma 3 account i think.

    4. Fastik


      4 coconuts and 2 pinecones.

  8. I have an account with Arma 3 and csgo rank Global for sell hit me up! 

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    2. Ninjaman427


      Let me know if first sale falls through. Very interested.

    3. Ace


      I message u ninja..

    4. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      Guaranteed 3 Rip will make you an offer, hahahaha!!!

  9. lol wow
  10. Hello Ace, Sorry fro my inconvenience early in the year on August 22. I do not ask or intend on getting unbanned from the olympus community, but I do think that an apology is in order. I am sorry Ace for my actions.

    ~Colton Gommet

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    2. D3V1L


      ^ submit a ban appeal.

    3. Buffalo Bill

      Buffalo Bill

      Im the only Colton around here bitch

    4. Colton Gommet

      Colton Gommet

      Lol @Colton and I would like to submit a ban appeal but my actions were quite bad towards Ace @D3V1L


      I might apply a Ban Appeal but I wanted to apologize to Ace for what happened.

  11. I think you went out on the wing with this one bud lol
  12. yea id be down for that. I can hit up colonel and them
  13. Down but never beaten, im sure Renegades will still get together to fight every now and then