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  1. hiding from the world
  2. o7 #Moose4Chief Kappa
  3. thats a fake ham.... im the real ham.........
  4. 10 bucks says gary didnt fix me

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Thomas Blinder
    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      You owe me 10 of these bucks br0

      FYI over here buck is slang for sex.


    4. Joel


      @Grandma Gary NOOTFLIX and chill ? :rolleyes:

  5. And I love you all.....
  6. NERDZ That is all (also remove my forum moderation plox) gah cant edit so here
  7. I am disappoint I didnt get a shoutout for heli-pilotisms https://youtu.be/cuTVYbbY-Mk?t=1m52s
  8. @Poseidon Where da fuq is the snow on the website?!??!

    1. DeathDingo


      I second this, where is the snow??

  9. do i need to throw an appeal in? or you get me later?

    1. Poseidon


      I'll get ya later today

  10. Only person not doing anything wrong and i got banned


    1. Poseidon


      If that's the case you can get untanned later ;)

    2. Ninjaman427


      Poseidon let's go study. I need to pass my APD test in the morning.

    3. FluffyTEDDY


      wait what? you got banned? for what? 

  11. <3 all the old SGW guys made my first days fun
  12. ummmm... i hate you all... +drama

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