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  1. .Ashton.

    @Panda :) Ill teach your dumb ass how to do it message me when you see this
  2. .Ashton.

    Nah styll I don't really play a lot cause of power issues but soon I might. Also maybe if it was s1
  3. .Ashton.

  4. .Ashton.

    I hope you know Linka I fucking love you , also I can't forget that day at cartels lol
  5. .Ashton.

    Is the port 2302?
  6. .Ashton.

    Hah Olympus will out rank any other Altis Life. Besides everyone only goes on ArcheType to kill shit players! <3 u Ima guy fetus No point applying when I get banned by Trevor for no reason.. lol one day Mobundo!
  7. .Ashton.

    I change my name almost everyday that doesn't prove shit. You too
  8. .Ashton.

    Doesn't prove anything..
  9. .Ashton.

  10. .Ashton.

    Never know
  11. .Ashton.

    Never really got to meet you but May we meet again.
  12. .Ashton.

    That's cause I'm Ash.
  13. .Ashton.

    Hope you understand that ARA is my cousin.. Fun times at Moonshine
  14. .Ashton.

    I am leaving most of you won't care but bye... Reasons: Not really any goods ones.. to the people I knew... Bubbaloo: First time I met him was in this channel trying to get unbanned good times Orgondo: First time in forever when I was SS we joined server 2 to fight cartels and he says this.. Nino Brown: First time I actually noticed Nino was when he was connecting as a Velocity member. Fun times with him in SS but I could have been in there longer with better choices. badaim: Thought he was a fat ass on drugs but when I was in T for one day he was pretty cool and I called him Daddy! Ninja: Honestly I fucking wish Ninja would slit his throat but I kinda like the guy but he's a idiot.. Fushigi: Kinda cool when I first met him but... PhizXXX: Cool and a chill person never thought I would have a better leader in a gang. (Joel is a shit leader) Joel/JoelProof: Kinda okay but he made me do cartels alone when I was in /-I-\ Shittiest gang ever but Joel was a chiller Corban: Met this bitch when I was in /A\ Armageddon, really chill dude fun to play with F3AR: Met this guy in /A\ mostly had a fucking mk200, fun to play with as well That's most of the people at the top or my tiny head, if I missed you comment I know most of you are going to like this cause I am leaving in general, hf.gl,gg
  15. .Ashton.

    Love you Ham though no homo It was fun playing with you !

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