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  1. This is a remarkably terribly thought out arguement... The simple fact of the the matter is that the APD is probably at the best point it has been in years. Whether you did write this post or not you should really heed my advise because I was probably one of the most vocal people on this server about the failures within the APD. Since @G.O.A.T. and the other seniors have taken over the situation has slowly been improving. If you can not get corporal you are simply not "corporal material" as goat said. Its not like they look at someone who is working hard and knows their shit and says "I am not friends with them so fuck them". The seniors strive to continue to grow the APD so if you think promotions are based on such shallow attributes you are sadly mistaken. There will always be a reason such as low time, being a bad leader, or previous discipline. Which you my friend have all three. Along with this I really just want to point out your general state of incompetence. The list of corporals you chose to mention are probably some of the worst you could think of. All of them have either been members of the community for a long ass time or have some other outstanding qualities as listed above. I am probably the most critical of the APD in this community and see very few problems. So take it from me, piss off and figure out how to be a less shitty cop, thanks.
  2. Life as a deputy is just too rough...

    @Strugglebus you pushed me too far haha


    1. Show previous comments  23 more
    2. Strugglebus


      ^ yes, that's exactly what's happening here

    3. Ignis


      Damn this all makes sense to me now. Where would we be without you fedot?

    4. Fedot
  3. My collection is coming along quite nicely 


    Blackwaters have been fun lately, I look forward to the future updates!

    1. TheRealKyle


      oh shit you guys actually got it out? i heard you guys titaned yourselfs or something. good shit though.

    2. Jordan540


      That Huron has been through a lot 

    3. Solomon


      5 minutes ago, TheRealKyle said:

      oh shit you guys actually got it out? i heard you guys titaned yourselfs or something. good shit though.

      Yeah, there was a bit of a mistake... Ended up working out in the end though!

  4. Happy Birthday @bigPat

    1. bigPat


      Thanks dood

  5. I would suggest writing your time down on Sunday as that is when I got removed for inactivity.
  6. I am pretty sure that it would not be too hard to implement a system that displays the time per week in the y menu. However as some of these guys have said it is not of the utmost importance as there are other ways of solving the issue from keeping track of it yourself to asking someone. It would be something that you would want to throw on the suggestions sections and see if it is something Jesse would implement for convenience. As I said it is not that important so it really depends on if the DEV team feels like doing it.
  7. Was a pleasure to play with you, hope to see you around!
  8. Would you come up with an original joke for $1000?
  9. You better watch out, bohemia is coming for you....
    1. Excision


      what the fuck? were you guys reenacting the death of Paul Walker and Ryan Dunn ?

    2. Solomon


      11 minutes ago, Excision said:

      what the fuck? were you guys reenacting the death of Paul Walker and Ryan Dunn ?

      Just really really really bad timing haha

  10. No.
  11. Clean up your inbox please... It's full and you cannot receive messages.

  12. I feel like you are a little too old to be proud of this. I hope you have more integretity and self respect in the real world.

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