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  1. i will be back in the US in less than a week boys, looking forward to playing on olympus again

  2. gonna be back in a week, looking forward to playing with you all again :D

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    2. BlackJack


      4 hours ago, Weathers said:

      @Chaos @SystemChips il be hitting you guys up very very soon 

      DUDE FUCK YES !!!!!!! Omg I was talking about u today ! I'm so HYPED !!!! Dude we have to play like right when u get back .!

    3. Ninjaman427


      I'll get you rebanned.

    4. Weathers


      @BlackJack Yeah bro! We're def playing the night i arrive !

      @Ninjaman427 hah 

  3. You think IL need more than 16gb of ram?? Also how do I get good airflow?? Yeah man that's me, thanks tho I appreciate it Will do. Ty man Yeah boii. Weathers 2.0 coming back at ya
  4. Been out of the country for 8 months, I'm coming back next month and I desperately need to upgrade my PC. I've never built a PC before so I would like some advice from you guys. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/z8jRHN this is what I've chosen so far. I know the basics about building PCs and the parts and shit. What do you guys think? Should I make changes? Are there any incompatibilities? Any thing I need to add? Any help would be highly appreciated.
  5. yo i fucking miss olympus :c honestly the best community ive ever been a part of. its been wayyyy longer than i expected

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    2. badaim


      youre actually perm'd LMAO im pretty sure you can get un permd though ninja used your account to play arma not csgo i guess


    3. Weathers


      @badaim lmao that fucker. IL talk to the admins when I'm back then...

  6. yo, if any of you see me online or in game it isnt me. its a friend playing on my account. sorry if they are pretending to be me. i wont be back for a while

  7. bro. go braid ur hair

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    2. BenJI


      @Weathers You probably don't have the brain capacity to remember that I CUT MY FUCKING HAIR. You honestly are fucking retarded and should literally kys. Dumbasss kid.

    3. Weathers


      @BlackJack Broooo i miss you too man!!! we had some amazing times and i really miss playing arma w you! il hit you up as soon as im back!

      @Benjamin Remer @Orgondo ok

    4. BlackJack


      @Weathers hopefully u come back soon man!

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