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  1. I got food poisoning from chick-fil-a -1
  2. I didn't get the one thing I wanted for Christmas Just wanted an exacto knife to do calligraphy on my arms with...
  3. Hear me out... make a van skin that has the FORTNITE battle royal battle bus skin on it
  4. So I just bought this new gaming laptop and installed TS. When I got to set a hotkey in TS it will not work. I can set the key I want but when I click it in TS it will not do anything and I have tried multiple different keys. Anyone have any ideas??
  5. https://gyazo.com/993bc5facacd8ed819ed061d9ac5a731 https://gyazo.com/d917b336785f9fd74aef9a55ee488d3f https://gyazo.com/24c8afe12b6f058ec4b712a8575132e1 https://gyazo.com/34b3ce141bde1d00b68b2a8290df1126 No words are needed for this truly compelling story. 07 you will be missed dearly
  6. Yeah I stepped down later babes!



































    P.S. Fuck you @Pledge you suck ass and you were a lot cooler person before you became a massive brown-nosing power hungry bitch :D 

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    2. Nurse Lou

      Nurse Lou

      usually only see apd as massive cockriding fags +1 respect for this one

    3. Dante


      Hahahahaha anyone who @s pledge is good in my book 

    4. KrispyK


      jeeesus ilu wong

  7. Anyone looking to play some vanilla ARK?

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    2. Arigato


      Yeah, I’ve had it installed for a month now and haven’t touched it

    3. Dante


      If someone buys it for me I’ll punch dinosaurs 

    4. Apathy


      Ill play... You gotta be patient though since I have had it installed for around 2 months and havnt even started the damn game.

  8. APD Coin Flips or Riot

    1. ChubbyElf


      Do your job

  9. this looks like prime time for memein on kids
  10. In the long while that I have been apart of the APD I never thought I would make it to sAPD I want to throw a huge thanks out to everyone that helped me out on my journey through the APD. I look forward to be able to do the same for many others.

    1. Savage


      thats what badger said right as he got sergeant :Kappa: 

    2. Savage


      no hate intented just memeing

    3. Wong


      @Savage this is my way of +1ing you bud

  11. I can promise you that none of that happened on my end xD
  12. My suggestion is take a go cart with you and the bois and take lift off when you see someone coming

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