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  1. It''s called a rapid fire dab, all the cool kids are doing it
  2. I can't like any more posts today but thank you all for the good wishes
  3. Alright so like I tried to find ur name and had trouble, Andrew ur a true OG legend, ur right up there with WFTM Im so sorry u didnt get the dank shoutout from the beginning but you keep it real and I like that, Thanks for the good times. ^^
  4. I knowwwww I realized that afterwords - you guys are two original OGs and I had an amazing time with you guys XDDDD
  5. [*] havent spoken to him in a while, just had some good times xDDD
  6. Welp guys, it was getting to that point, my time here at Olympus is done until further notice. Thank you to those of you that were always chill, Olympus has been an amazing experience for me and has been a lot of fun ^v^ . I'd like to thank a couple of amazing groups and people here that really helped make my experience here well worth it. As always remember the MemeSlayer @djwolf - The most radical person that I have ever met, got me into Olympus and a lot of ArmA in general, an amazing guy and one of the most legitimate people you will ever meet. @Muthinator - took time to give me a chance on Senior R&R, something that I will never forget and one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. @Albert Savage & @CommanderSuki & @Isaac Newton - Thanks for all the Senior R&R help along the road, much appreciated, wouldn't have been possible without you three. @Poseidon - Thank you for everything you do for the server and keeping it up and running, as well as being a good friend for the occasional DayZ runaround ^v^ Senior R&R - You guys are incredible, keep up the good work as always ^^ You guys were great to work along side with. DB - You guys are a hell of a lot of fun to play with, never a dull moment, I'll stop in occasionally probably, thanks for all the fun and great memories. VX - even though I was never in VX, I've got some great memories with you guys and it was tons of fun ^^ @Peta - Really nice guy, thanks for all the fun and laughs down the road. @DocJoe Cornpusher - Absolutely hilarious, one of the funniest guys on the server. @Not Important - A fresh memer - real talk - a genuinely cool guy. @Zahzi - Really chill dude ^v^ @Wftmguy- A hilarious British dude that I could never tell if he hated me or not - also extremely funny. If I forgot anyone I am so sorry, these are the people that came to mind when looking back, as always enjoy my memetages and what not ^v^ I might release an unfinished one here for the hell of it (dont worry, its just as bad as the others). Cya Guys around Memer Out ^^
  7. Welcome man! I hope you enjoy your time here at Olympus. Welcome to the forums!
  8. A Sr. R&R member by the name of Dan Banks.
  9. If you set your mind to it and folow the rules, I believe in you! Good luck man ^v^
  10. People have lives, not everyone is constantly ready to do interviews and such. There is more for Senior APD to do then just interviews, quite a bit more. If you aren't patient enough to wait for an interview/application to go through, you simply aren't patient enough to take on the role of a cop. Be patient my friend, a Senior member will get to you eventually.
  11. Wait - why did you get rid of the 980 xD
  12. yoitsdanny1


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here!

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