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  1. Hate to burst your bubble but there is a limit by default I believe it caps you at 15 keys?
  2. Very true I at one point had to force myself to stop playing because I was becoming so addicted to this server
  3. Do you guys ever think that maybe Hitler was just dreaming of a white Christmas?
  4. Did you just call Arma shitty then say that DayZ is becoming playable? DayZ is about the worst game I have ever played it literally is nearly unplayable with the amount of issues it has and it's taken them 3 years to get it to go where it is which is not far at all for 3 years that games a piece of shit
  5. Doubt you even get 3 mil for it maybe 1 mil
  6. He is part of everyone you mongle
  7. I don't much care for them either but this post is about the most autistic thing I've ever seen. can we get a lock / delete @Talindor @McDili
  8. @Fat Clemenza you are the man and an awesome cheif see you around!
  9. +1 pleaseee
  10. Mxc I think
  11. any tax for owning a shed?
  12. Vigi spar??? Noooooo√łooooooo please no
  13. It's helpful when they don't crash my game Everytime I get within 50m of it
  14. Deal I'll pm you my TS we can chat more tomorrow