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  1. This would flop harder than Tanoa
  2. You have to fill out a support ticket under the APD application category. The post i linked above will tell you how to do that.
  3. Merged them but did it backwards i think xDDD
  4. Why not post on one of those then? Don't need 20 threads about the samething.
  5. Brandon Marshall to the Giants?? How Bow Dahhhhh. 

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    2. Bow


      how BOW dah

    3. ScreaM


      whos gonna snag trubisky at the draft?

    4. ThatNerdyGuy


      he is washed

  7. I know just wanted to throw it out there before people get carried away and end up getting restricted.
  8. Let's keep the debate civil, don't take shots at each other....just voice your opinions for or against the feature.
  9. When @G.O.A.T. rolls up to Kavala square and see's all the tazers....
  10. Congrats @Ignis on mod and @Mercury on Admin. Good job!!!

    1. Ignis


      Thank you man!!!

  11. Yes, it's always fun listening to the salt after killing someone in crossfire.
  12. This would be aids. This is Altis, you have no rights!
  13. Happy birthday pal, hope all is good in the hood. Have a good one. @Bubbaloo Burrito 


    1. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Lol thanks man! 



      Lol that shit is funny as fuck.

    2. Danger


      I wish i was at this game IRL i would have died laughing.

  14. Can confirm The Division new game mode is shit.

    1. Fuzy


      DZ is where it's at.

    2. Matt Black

      Matt Black

      I like it..  They came out with a good last update in my opinion.  

  15. 58e2b469b7236d068771cc1bb6afc134.jpg

    Migraines are the worst...halpppp

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    2. Jesse


      This morning my internet was slow as an old whore... So I ate leftover Chinese food and drank beer. Now it's back up and all I want to do is go back to bed.

    3. Danger


      lol jesse. your sleep schedule is so out of control.

    4. Jesse


      Yeah. I've been up from 7am-7pm... 2mor I got work when I've been sleeping. So now I need to stay up like 20hrs today. It's fucked.

  16. since when can we scroll through status updates? I like it!

    1. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      I like this as well!



      I just noticed this when I clicked it and found this status update.

  17. @heyday cough cough
  18. how about if a cop is tazed and restrained at a jail/fed/BW. you can pull ghosthawk and have guns hot. regardless of bomb situation.