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  1. Lmao not from the APD from the civilians who robbed the APD of their shit
  2. Brampton squadd
  3. @TheRandomOne what was the point of this? If this makes you feel good in anyway that's terrible because that was all trash. I don't know why you are trying to humiliate Tree just stop.
  4. Then don't complain if you're too lazy to report. And second don't even vigi if you're not up for it. All I hear is complain complain complain
  5. Easy solution don't be a salty cunt and report, it's just a game grow up
  6. $$$$$ hungry ehh?
  7. puzzle

    It's a virus don't click the link!
  8. yes, you rdm'd me can i have $69 for comp ty
  9. How do I ascribe?