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  1. BI got some plans coming soon


    sadly, none of them will be useful for Olympus since it's mostly for milsim related servers and missions.

    1. DeadPool1337


      More Tonoa like fuck ups YAY!

      Low key excited to see the spec ops shit



      Yeah, the map is apparently been a map before but is being remade and it is also free! The D,C's should be interesting, not sure if I'll get them, but they should be really cool.

    3. Ajax


      Cant wait! its gonna be lit!

  2. Gonna be honest, thought you wouldn't follow through. But it's awesome that you did, +1 to the guessing game that ended within 13 minutes lol.
  3. Go here to submit an appeal https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ forums is not the place for an appeal. And if you love the server so much, read up on the rules, it takes 15 minutes to get through all of the handbooks and stuff, and then you're good to go.
  4. Damn, that sucks. Feelsbadman
  5. Nah. I don't fucking search google for memes on google images. I search google for websites for memes. But I never find the right source. It is a shame.
  6. Omfg. that fits so perfectly. Where do do you get these gifs and memes from? Like all the places I've looked have shit stuff. But you never fail on the memes and gifs.
  7. 156465bit = 1,000,000 frames per second. I approve this update. Muthinator could add as many hospitals as he wanted and it wouldn't do shit. Xdxd
  8. I expected some thread yelling at Peter for doing something wrong, but I guess not. Wheres the montage box truck? Lol xd
  9. This is trippy as fuck. down with the tyranny! Bring a burrito to this man or we riot!
  10. As far as I've heard, sheds are 20 mil. And I'm pretty sure upkeep depends on how upgraded it is. But I'm not 100% sure, so ask
  11. Honestly your argument has zero backing to it. He could easily sit in Kavala or any other city, and go get a call or two, then go back to impounding and no one would know.
  12. I kind of wish I found this shit. Would've asked for legacy and had a nice day. Besides, you save lots of $$$ over time with legacy. Unless you're @DeadPool1337, then you barely survive with all them orcas getting crashed. How would he know? It's not like he's always sitting in game watching the impound yard. That's like finding a cop who's a dirty cop, and asking the chief how he didn't know, like boi, not like he's dumb enough to do it right in front of him.
  13. Or someone who didn't realize the extent of the exploit and how much they could get out of it.
  14. Have fun! Glad you joined. You might know, but stay away from Kavala.
  15. Was the person who reported it, "new"? Cause 2 mil can me made on medic (legitimately) in a days worth of work. If they weren't new, they probably would know that and ask for more money.