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  1. Andrew Luck really said :happygary:

  2. Imagine being an Indianapolis Colts fan...

  3. @Jester

    1v1 on minecraft whoever loses has to change their name the time has come

    1. Jester


      I'm shit at pvp so it aint fair

    2. Jaster


      survival of the fittest

  4. I'll take it ecda1e741b7451cc4ff65cb634d53bd8.png

    one of the good parts of the update 

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    2. JuanDeaged


      Who tf put that on you @Jester

    3. Jester


      2 minutes ago, JuanDeaged said:

      Who tf put that on you @Jester


    4. Jaster


      Nice jimmy johnson!

      Edited by Jaster
  5. #BringYeTiBack

  6. is no mans sky a good game?

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    2. Grim Khan

      Grim Khan

      on foenem ill kill you bruh 

    3. rapidaax


      It’s ok

    4. Slumberjack


      I bought it when it came out. It was pretty dull back then. Played 10 hours and never touched it again.

      I picked it up again about a week ago and have been having a lot of fun. My old character wasn't even compatible with the new updates. It's a totally different game now... more along the lines of what was originally promised!

      Full multiplayer coop, few loading screens and a lot to do!


  7. anyone down for a big bet ?

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    2. Zeuse
    3. Millennium


      10 minutes ago, Retard said:

      1 mil bet if you can get @Zeuse to say "Experience" properly

      might as well give him the 1 mil instead of betting it cuz it aint gonna happen

    4. Dolphy


      bet me 25 mil if you ccan get staff to middle man

  8. #BringYeTiBack

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    2. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      2 hours ago, Dante said:



    3. ThatNerdyGuy



    4. GluxDesigns


      I support this. CodeYeTi your awesome. 

  9. 10MIL bet anyone will be having a middle man

    1. Dolphy


      do a 25 with me pussy

    2. d a k o t a

      d a k o t a

      il be middle man dw, cant even give me money.

  10. Any reason why vehicles that blow up aren't despawning on s2?

    @TheCmdrRex @Pledge

    its impossible to pull out bodies of blown up vehicles now.

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    2. Pledge



      Will need to investigate

    3. HutnerGunner


      Yea same issue happens on s1 cars and helps are not despawning at all and heli wrecks are not despawning 

    4. Dab


      issa feature

  11. whos idea was it to add stairs so cunts can walk to the top of the hq?

  12. CS:GO anyone? im nova 2



    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Didn't even post a gif.  YOU'VE CHANGED !

    2. Bojo
    3. Kaiokhen
  14. Robinhood is unbanned and ready to vigi baby

    1. Pool Boy

      Pool Boy


      our initiation message was on fucking point

    2. Bojo
  15. i had a decent first day back on the server, wish i could make my own gang and cap cartels but that would be pointless

    1. Kaiokhen
    2. HutnerGunner


      Welcome back to Olympus 

      Enjoy your stay

      Edited by HutnerGunner
    3. bastro


      dude nobody fukn cares 


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