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  1. @Wesly ツ youre a fan of marzoh lmao


  2. I sense that we gonna lose someone soon.

  3. Sooo isss my  birthday... *whispers* po test. Someone say something??

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    2. IsaiahGG


      I raided it because I felt as if I was SAPD at the time ;) 

    3. Sho



    4. maxg



  4. can the log in screen get changed?

  5. damn able stepped down from dep chief whose this outcast guy

  6. why tf are the leafs so bad


    1. TheoryB


      This is lit beat

      National Geographic 

    2. bastro


      In e flat 

  8. I need more clips.

  9. For anyone concerened Soulz won his lacrosse game today. Big champ

    1. Millennium


      I always knew he was that type of person

    2. Soulz
    3. gaz


      lax bros

  10. For anyone concerned I won my lacrosse game

  11. Hello. I imagine the civilian council and staff have already debated the topic of ghost hawks at federal reserves, but I wanted to chip in. Teamplayers and my gang, Bots, have made multiple attempts on the federal reserve. With a coordinated team ranging from 12-20 people, we were still unable to profit from any of the events. It is difficult to gather that many properly geared people, organize them, formulate a plan, collect supplies, and stage the robbery. Not to mention the multiple waves bearing the strength of the entire police force, ruthless enemy gangs attempting to gain war points, strenuous travel to a gold trader in which a significant amount of other civilians attempt to intervene and steal our hard-earned loot, and the winner-takes-all battle at the site in which the gold is stored or sold and atms. God forbid the gold was taken to a house, the APD would raid it on the spot or wait until the end of the next restart. The difficulties of robbing the fed successful are insane, but rightly so considering the payout. With one major exception, I actually believe that this event is balanced.

    Ghosthawks themselves are an incredibly power tool in the APD's arsenal. Most civilians do not have access to them, and those who do are very unwilling to use them given the risk of incurring an enormous loss. That being said, I do not think that cops should be prohibited from using armed helicopters, but some type of change should be made. After the first or second armed police helicopter is destroyed, the police should not be able to return to the federal reserve with another one. While the cops are allowed to return multiple times in waves, our gang members have to wait 15 minutes before returning to avoid violating NLR (to my understanding there is no limit on how many times they can return, or in what time intervals). This is almost impossible enough without an infinite number of armed police helicopters returning to the event.

    I hope that this change could be made.

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    2. Sho


      48 minutes ago, Bloodmoon said:

      Well written and I agree for the most part, but there are already some changes concerning hawks either coming in the next or future update.


    3. DeadPool


      Bojo stepped down. He is long apart of the civ council. Make a post instead of a status update. This was it not only looks better but is more easily to be read.

    4. TheoryB


      Feds are easy as hell, get a titan and or .50 on the hill 

  12. @Ryan What if we’re suspended off Twitter?

    1. Bear828


      not hard to make a new Twitter account

    2. Unjo


      Ban evade

    3. Ryan


      19 minutes ago, Bear828 said:

      not hard to make a new Twitter account


      1 minute ago, Unjo said:

      Ban evade


  13. I like your profile picture ;) Hey boo

    1. Hoonter


      Beta weebs

    2. Ziggyuwu


      not even using A2 smh

  14. Apologies to anyone that has yet to receive an update on their commission recently! I've been dealing with shit IRL and studying for midterms. Will be updating them all very soon!

    1. Nex is the name

      Nex is the name

      Take your time, we all need that stuff to be your usual lit stuff, not rushed garbo. Just get through midterms my guy, GL.

  15. https://www.blackpeoplemeet.com

    There is an actual website yikes

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    2. Still here and retarted
    3. Lukeee
    4. RDyer216


      Do you think we are that creative? Original name was ‘Farmers Only Dot Com’.  BPM is a better acronym 

  16. When i am watching it before everyone. Want heavy spoilers tomorrow? 


  17. eta to getting war points from cops again in warzone 

    Edited by Evann
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    2. Mutiny


      didn’t remove it it’s just bugged and it hasn’t been fixed 

    3. ThatNerdyGuy


      It was broken in the update, chill

    4. bastro


      @ThatNerdyGuy hotfix update-ish it was supposed to bring wp at feds but just removed both 

  18. Someone make an Olympus Krunker clan

    1. TheoryB



      What should be the name

    2. Zeuse


      Can only be 4 characters so OLYM or something.  Need to be level 20 to make it so someone make it if you're level 20.  If not I'll try make it later.  c:

    3. TheoryB


      I'll make it here shortly


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