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  1. Anyone play heroes and generals?

  2. Happy birthday @buckie, i still need your slave ass on life is feudal.

  3. IRL drama got me fucked...

    1. SPBojo


      Didn't know selecting what type of socks to wear to kinder garden today was counted as drama.



      jkjk, hope it gets sorted.

  4. @buckie happy bday from me and @Proud

    1. buckie


      thanks pal

  5. can we please get a physical gang ledger now 

    1. Bloodmoon


      Don't give people rank that you don't trust

    2. kev


      ikeem came back for round 2? 

  6. I have a bad image exe error after updating windows for TS3 anyone know of a fix



    1. NokiaStrong


      Try reinstall ing 

  7. Happy birthday retard @buckie

  8. Happy BDAY big nibba

  9. Oh aren't you a big boy :wub:

  10. Cant remember the last time you've killed me, all i remember is me killing you twice in a row, god your a shit player tbh :P



    luv u

    1. Ashur


      pls fuck off norwegian , FAT!

    2. kev


      pretty sure @GhostFace dropped on you in a quadbike lol, atleast someone did :P

    3. SPBojo


      tbh @kev you'd be surprised by the amount of people who have quadbike dropped on me....

  11. i was just lighting a spliff in my garage and as soon as a flick my lighter 2 undie cars pulled up infront of my house and turned there sirens on. Ive never been more shook in my life i dont think, thought i was going to bin at 4 am.

  12. where are all the cool montages at ?

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    2. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      literally only coptages now 

    3. buckie


      doesnt exist

    4. Linka


      they stopped after i left

  13. @buckie Happy Birthday you toxic shitter 

    1. buckie


      thanks pal

  14. Happy birthday fav Olympus shit talker @buckie

    1. buckie


      +1 will talk shit all day thank u

  15. Happy birthday you cancer patient little shit

  16. @buckie Happy birthday poggers

  17. official COVER PHOTO FOR YMOA 4 HAS BEEN RELEASED 319326833_Webp.net-compress-image(4).jpg.11fa5325977bdeb219fe12af6144a226.jpg.dd88063a533b5a70b893f376b15db5f7.jpg

    1. Morgan Freeman

      Morgan Freeman

      You finally got the funds for it.


  18. If anyone wants to play some Exile, hmu

  19. rip boonie :( putting together a cd for him

    Edited by KrispyK
    1. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      What did he do?

    2. Nerdy


      Did he get permed again?

  20. if anyone has salvations PBO hmu i need scripts to learn from

    -ex supp lead

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    2. [AN] King

      [AN] King

      i thought that server was taking all the OGs and olympus was dead? what happened? xdddddddddddddddddd

    3. KrispyK


      retarded owner

    4. DashTonic


      I got a jump script you can have

  21. I hear your giving out Chief of Police tests. Wanna hook a brotha up mr APD man?

    1. Hoonter


      $20 dollars paypal is $20 dollars...

    2. [AN] King

      [AN] King

      i think you need to hold corp 1st

    3. Hoonter


      What you trying to say bud?



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