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  1. I find myself more on Olympus forums than any other social platform. :rolleyes:

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    1. Dante


      I offered him perm PO to step down immediately but he wouldn’t budge 

    2. Deadpool


      42 minutes ago, Dante said:

      I offered him perm PO to step down immediately but he wouldn’t budge 

      What if you pull a Jesse? Ill give you anther pizza omegalul

  3. how the fuck is drama even real lmao just walk away from the community lol 

  4. Got a few days off. Gonna make some of the best art Arma in general will ever see! Muhaha.

    1. ikiled


      Related imageyessir

    2. Gluxdator


      Why thank you!

  5. When you downvote @McDili once you get 3 downvotes its fine I'll just go on one of my forum alts :bender-dance:

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    2. mon5t3r


      I'll go send you 3 downvotes I better get 9 back

    3. McDili


      Don't worry you'll get all 9 tomorrow buddy ;)

    4. DashToxic


      Don't ill give up 9 ups

  6. I'm not the only one @CommanderSuki @Mercury 


    It's about time my guys. 

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    2. Scribble


      got to keep trying shows you want it

    3. Toasty


      i just spammed appeals till they unblacklisted me @Viper

    4. Scribble
  7. Lost a 5 mil bet... 50% chance btw :(

  8. Drama podcast/chilling tonight @830 twitch.tv/sirpeterlong 

    1. LiL J

      LiL J

      why my comment get removed :FeelsBad:

  9. Selling Armed Qilin & Strider @ $5,000,000 each

    Edited by Ivan Moody
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    2. Woo


      selling strider 1m

    3. Greenarrow


      striders 1m tops, quilin not too bad

    4. MAV


      5m quilin is fair, striders were for sale a few months back for 600k so...

  10. https://gyazo.com/5052ce496f8d3eb9e9c6de586d344131

    This just starting happening this update and i was thinking it might be the cause to the insane wait time for accessing vehicles, or maybe I'm retarded.

    1. Unjo


      Codeyeti v2

    2. Kamikaze


      2 minutes ago, Unjo said:

      Codeyeti v2

      as soon as you interact it goes back to normal but i was thinking if the server is processing 2x the items maybe that's why its like that 

  11. o7 @codeYeTi from the few times I played with you on cop and the few messages we sent each other you seemed like a good guy. Sorry I stole your weed truck

    1. communistjosh


      Ima need my Ifrit back, oh wait it got seized by the APD

    2. Xeltini


      9 minutes ago, communistjosh said:

      Ima need my Ifrit back, oh wait it got seized by the APD

      Its not my fault you guys ditched off warzone.

    3. communistjosh
  12. so my tab key and windows key dont work due to shitty line workers but i cant get to the keyboard becuase of bad design. can someone make me an ahk for windows key and tab? i have one for alt tab but.... il pay you 5$ or some arma cash since i cant really play my games without it being a pain in the ass

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    2. SPBojo


      Literally just re-bind the key in your keyboard settings?

    3. Kardes


      like, on the actual computer? you can do that? i feel like a dumbass

    4. SPBojo


      Yeah, you can, example, i can make my 1 key into a P instead of 1 etc, google is your friend. Script is MEH for this soft shit.

      Now give me my arma cash you paki

  13. unpopular opinion i think codeyeti deserved to be removed 

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    2. Vac.


      @Mako go copy and paste more dont @ me 

    3. zoomzooooooom
    4. HotFuzz


      Careful guys, @Mako don't read so gud. Make sure you type only 3-4 sentences at time so Mako read gud. MoRe PaRaGrApHs PlS

  14. Fix the unlock feature, takes literally 2 minutes to unlock...

    1. Pinkstreak


      If you open your keychain after pulling your vehicle and then close it, you will be able to unlock instantly. Little trick for now :)

    2. DashToxic


      I just ran away about 20m and come back it usually works

  15. Why does it take 212379182745619 years to unlock a vehicle now?

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    2. Xeltini


      If only @codeYeTi was here to fix it

    3. codeYeTi


      There was a change to vehicle creation moving it server-side. So it now works the same as when you buy a vehicle. @Xeltini.

    4. Pinkstreak


      If you open your keychain after you pull your car, close it, and you can instantly unlock :) works for now :)


  16. @codeYeTi from the time I join this server I will always remember the war we had over weed pro. @Strikke always killing us before we can kill a single BFO member. All the way until we did my first successful BW like a month ago. Sad to see you go but feel free to hit me up anytime if you want to play anything.

  17. imagine being this riled up over arma 3 hahaha

    1. Linka


      actual o7 to @codeYeTi , we never talked much but he was cool dude when we did <3

  18. @codeYeTi Thanks for giving me a chance in BFO i know i didn't talk alot but i listened to all the advice would you give us and i appreciate everything you did for us 

  19. Welp since I cant respond to your o7 post @codeYeTi,

    Its has only been a couple months but it seems longer, From falling asleep while picking weed to being sprayed out of my qilin by you with a 74u. Its been fun times and you will definitely be missed. If you ever wanna talk to us(BFO) or even maybe play with us you know where to find us :(

    1. Skys
    2. communistjosh


      Shut up you stupid NN rat

    3. Skys


      -_- Kav rat learn to do something besides kill nakeds shitter

  20. Me when the Bengals lose to the Chiefs and are 4-3.


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    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      @draMa that's been my life for 13 years of being a Bengals fan.  Boyd did absolutely nothing, Green did good yardage wise but other than that it was a shit show.

    3. xDRO


      KC going hard this year tbh

    4. draMa


      Mahomes is the truth I’m buying all the hype

  21. The PO test and Deputy test shared have been removed from existence. Fun while it lasted, eh @bigMANza☭H* aka Lloyd

    Anyone else who follows suit will also be blacklisted. Thanks :D

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    2. Kardes


      And here I memorized it from the 6 times I joined the apd

    3. Scribble


      Can't help with that failed my PO 3 times lol

    4. Zahzi


      hahahaha. I guess that's what I get for letting @bigMANza☭H* aka Lloyduse my VPN. 

  22. My post mates just delivered my Chipotle Burrito to my neighbor and they took it :FeelsBad:

    1. Corporal Moob

      Corporal Moob

      You live in florida. Just go and shoot him and take it back

    2. Matt The Savage
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