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  1. how do I turn off this snow effect?

  2. its a yung buck birthday 

    1. KrispyK


      Too bad you are turning 15 not 17

    2. ikeem


      lol im 17 

  3. If cops arnt allowed on warzone why are vigis

    1. mon5t3r


      cops are allowed on warzone tho, and vigis aren't as restricted as cops, please stop with these retard comments

    2. decla


      vigis are civs they can go anywhere 

      cops will have rules to follow like wave rule you can go into warzone you just have to be following the rules eg sargent has to be on and 3 in ya group 

  4. Happy birthday @ikeem the meme 

    1. ikeem


      Thx bro 


  5. I just realized that yesterday was my first year on Olympus.

    1. yung matt
    2. communistjosh


      So we can mark December 18th as the day Olympus hit a wall ;)

  6. I think the civ council should look into complete freedom of speech being allowed on Olympus. Our community is great. And I need the ability to spam the n word in side chat and tell kids to hang

     The greatest man to walk olympus agreed. Why cant you @Peter Long

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    2. Will_


      I know buddy. But we can still try #unbantheboys

    3. KrispyK


      As a suicidal person I should be allowed to tell people to neck

    4. Strikke
  7. How often do you get RDM'd?

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    2. CocoisDead


      Lets just say you lucky to stay alive in kav:lol:

    3. DeadPooL


      its been a good while TBH

    4. mon5t3r


      cant get rdm'd if you let him rdm everyone else then arrest him

  8. Congrats @Ryan

    1. Ryan


      Thx it was a lot of hard work and training, but I finally achieved the goal!

    2. tacosmell
  9. Happy birthday to the lad @Super_Nova Best love story of olympus bb :wub:

  10. come watch the stream boys 


  11. hello

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    2. Arigato


      man goes to uni and forgets everyone smh

    3. heyday


      2 minutes ago, Arigato said:

      man goes to uni and forgets everyone smh

      Don't worry son, I'm home

    4. DeadPooL


      is that SGT heyday:DPEducated:

  12. Get cops off Warzone or we all out the piece

  13. Anyone know how to make an autorun macro for logitech, I need it for dayz

    1. Ronin


      i need it for this server god damn

      why isnt it already a feature

  14. 7906fa1491c8d5f6d24cb2a11fddf8b7.png:thinking-face_1f914:

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    2. communistjosh
    3. Strae


      stop arguing in my status updates you monkeys

    4. KrispyK


      God damn rat made his choice get the gulag 


      Man said he'd never join asylum

  15. Can we get clubs back so i can start a stoners club and we can all be faggots and  flex on what weed we are smoking in the club.

    1. Chaos



      pls, I'm on Sour Amnesia rn



  17. When I first noticed the snowflakes it really took a minute to realize what was going on...

  18. Subnautica is free on epic games client

  19. These snow flakes gonna have to run a fade if they keep floating around on my screen


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