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  1. s1 seems to be having issues for me loading in, anyone else having this issue? its only s1 when trying to load into the server

    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      I had this issue a couple of days ago.  Right after choosing the server on the map screen where the bar at the top loads of just sat there frozen.  No idea what caused it but it worked fine after a computer restart.

    2. Benjamin Remer

      Benjamin Remer

      @Grandma Gary Gary you still play? :Kappa:

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Boats aren't gonna spawn themselves =P

  2. how do you increase market price?

    like moonshine is down to 9k 

    how do you make it back to 10k?

    1. Not Mac

      Not Mac

      sell other drugs to drug dealer and it will go up

  3. When you pull up to the wrong cap #GucciGang https://gyazo.com/e4e5a4a11f0a24f3c7db935558d0c1c8 
    @Augustus you're welcome.

  4. it almost seems like the profiling build makes my game feel laggier at certain points

  5. Ambition ur bounties we lookin THICC. You be lookin like a snack ;) 

  6. fae0b81f29e2604071140e0d940c3618.jpg

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    2. Dork


      1 hour ago, KrispyKreme said:

      ugly as hell composition -5

      didnt you just softlog at moonshine? go away now

    3. KrispyKreme


      Fuck are you taking about? I've been on cop all day dumb ass

    4. Ryan


      Looks like an A1 salt run :) 

  7. regicide is an amazing gang tbh

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    2. Ignis


      IDK what's worse. his K/D or his like/post ratio.:Kappa:



    3. Savage


      Ima encourage him to quit cause of this

    4. Proud


      @Ignis maybe because half of my posts are my high ego talking trash that no one cares about liking :o

  8. Gonna be streaming some pubg in like 40 any wanna duo/squad?

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    2. KrispyKreme


      we only played one game dude. i get 7-10 kill games and i got to top 5 in my last 5 solos

    3. TheKoreanNation


      Is this a recruitment page for pubg sense arma isn't working for you? GL

    4. KrispyKreme


      what are you talking about dude im just asking if someonw wanted to do duos...

  9. add zafirs no balls oh wait you dont have balls hahahahahahaha

    1. Jesse


      Wow. Much wow. Really gonna have to question my life now.... 

    2. Proud
  10. Happy birthday to the main man @Augustus

    You need to stop being a stranger...

  11. Just when you think things were getting hot... https://imgur.com/a/whlKA

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    2. Augustus


      make Gucci ifrit :Kreygasm:

    3. Viper


      1 minute ago, Augustus said:

      make Gucci ifrit :Kreygasm:

      Im on it :Kappa:

    4. EWI


      Everyone is wayyyy more hype over his shit than the trash the actual designers come out with


  12. Why cant we store cars at black market?

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    2. Jesse


      That's what you think. However, it's all different based on the persons situation. If it's someone who literally can't afford to purchase a new truck or something chances are they're gonna store it and take the chances of the cop not recording. Not seeing it. Then just trying again later, compared to possibly having a loss. 

      The current way with no vehicle store option creates ZERO potential to receive reports. Having it with the store option creates a window for receiving reports. Which I guarantee you we'd get and I guarantee you people would get away with it as well for the reasons above. It's a lot better just not having the option there. I'm sure a lot of admins/mods would agree with this... as they're the ones who handle all the tickets...

    3. Metro


      2 options

      1. remove the processing and revert back to what they were before this change

      2. revert it to what it was long ago. where you can cap it for your gang


    4. SPBojo


      @Metro You'r gang still has to cap them to process there

  13. And the ting go skrra

  14. @Augustus Happy Birthday now you can officially play cop XD 

  15. To all medics, there will be a delay in promotions this week. Thank you for your patience.

  16. Happy Birthday @Thomas

    1. Trenton


      happy birthday thomas you shitter

  17. If yall want some hmu I got limited edition... designs https://gyazo.com/005b5aabc7c3b15ad283f3d18663415f 

    1. EWI


      shits actually premium

  18. Saw someone put their training server on the forums, figured id give out more options.


    Training server with jump script, vehicle spawner, Arsenal, holster script, and defense/attack spawns.

    Enjoy :)

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    2. Proud
    3. Ryan


      1 minute ago, Proud said:

      I prefer @Warlord^s NMD server.

      So go play on it nobody is stopping you :P Training server is just an option

    4. Ryan


      TS if your joining us:

  19. @Donald Tr ump
    [NSM] Lloyd

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    2. Panera


      You trying to smash and get him in Youth NSM ?

    3. Brohax


      woah donald trump are you becoming doc joe hold up ill still meme on you whole gang fuck boy

    4. Donald Tr ump

      Donald Tr ump

      HAHAAHA for a little child u sure think ur big....

      look im done here,   u kids enjoy your game


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