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    2. eggmasta
    3. Viper


      you forgot to put the skin on the back of the ifrit, but nice job.

    4. DashTonic


      @Viper have to put a second jpg but didnt want to

  1. If anyone is interested in Civ VI, i just got a coupon in my steam inventory for 50% off. LMK if you want it. 

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    2. Proud
    3. Moose


      I'll give you 5 p250 sand dunes and mac-10 candy apple for it Pete. You can gamble that up to$20 easy

    4. Fedot


      i have one as well

  2. Memes.

    1. Savage


      A nice meme is a guy named Ryan likes to hang outside my 5th period class and take pics of me

    2. DashTonic


      Sounds kinded like raptor

  3. Cant take L3 anywhere... 


  4. who was the web dev @Jesse i want to give them some props

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    2. Jesse


      Its forum software by IPS. Its themes are just addons. Making IPS themes isn't overally complicated. Its just all CSS. However more work than its worth to make a complete custom one.

    3. Donald Tr ump

      Donald Tr ump

      100% agree  40 bucks to save 40+ hours of trail and error. $1.00 per hour worth

    4. Fedot


      Buying a theme is just plain better. #MyInput

  5. This might not be true, but I think Mustache is COMING BACK BABY!

    @Ares I love you man

  6. I made a moonshine cartel CQC server at

    Comment below with any suggestions or bugs I should know about.


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    2. Callumm


      13 minutes ago, Silton said:

      Dpi jumping is broken

      no it’s not!!!!!!

    3. Badger!


      I'm no stickler but as a cqc server it would probably be nice if you didn't have a t-100 varsuk sitting on cap.

      But what do I know.

    4. Trimorphious


      Yeah kids join the server and script that shit in and I don't really know how to stop them yet

  7. Seen this on IG it had me rolling 


  8. I'm free, but who am I? 

    1. Seth Mobster

      Seth Mobster

      Not black that's for sure


      **Seinfeld Theme***

    2. call_me_dog
    3. Matt The Savage
  9. RIP S1

    1. Poseidon


      Servers are getting ddosed, takes a minute for mitigation to kick in then its fine.

  10. We are aware of the S3 network issues. They're network based. Not a whole lot we can do. We're monitoring the issue.

    1. Fedot


      It may be due to Poseidon hosting other "Services" on that box... Keppa #Exposed

  11. Big fan, much wow, coolz purples, can u sign my steam? 

  12. Gang life is back, I'm back from being gone for 1 week :)

    I'm finally not vsing retards only anymore :)

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    2. Proud


      I mean maybe I was, I don't really remember much names and I didn't pay attention to people's names, when I was in a scat gang, I just robbed people and got fucked by cops a lot. @Midnight@Col3

    3. Ignis


      You would remember BurBan

    4. Proud


      I don't know why I quoted col3 but I can't remove it so col3 don't worry about it

      I'm sorry @Ignis I didn't pay attention to names, but I remember I used to think tree was good, and I remember MC, ft, and BW, that's about it

  13. @Doc Welcome back to the APD

    I hope you are here to stay :D

  14. The B A S E D @Lucki's first action as Chief:


  15. I'll be back Tuesday, meanwhile @Lucki is Interim Chief of Police. He'll lead y'all well, and probably be just as """abusive""" as me.

    1. ScreaM


      youre as soft as a kitten fuk u mean :b:

  16. Happ bday you mercy main! 


  17. Happy bday to the best pilot @housekitty

    1. Badger!
    2. housekitty
    3. H4WK


      2 hours ago, Badger! said:


      ecks dee


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