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Status Updates

  1. Happy birthday to my nigga @GummyCow

    1. Cake


      Don't be using that language mr please and thank u

  2. 22 days in and no donation goal... Get a grip. 

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    2. McDili


      It is indeed. But complaining about it doesn't help anybody.

    3. Raine


      I heard it's already been decided on so why not just post it?

    4. Bow


      Its a surprise, do you not like surprises? Too bad

  3. The @GummyCow fan club gets a year older, cumgrats

    1. Quintin


      mfw gummy is 17 and still has a bowl cut

  4. @GummyCow 17 wow im so proud of you !!!!

  5. now that you're 17 do your prices go up ? @GummyCow

  6. happy birthday @GummyCow, your first montage was the first montage I ever watched

  7. Sick right now so heres the only shitpost

    Ive never seen something like this lol.

    1. Strafe


      "only" what a meme 


  8. @Jordan540 You won the corporal contest you win the 2 mil

  9. Is it possible that we could actually get a number on the march perm bans? How many people actually got banned 

    1. Squid


      I've counted around 32 so far

    2. Dinosaurlazers


      Talking to yourself ? Kappa

  10. I was right when I said 2k17 was the Year of Perm Bans

  11. This last 3 weeks on Olympus

    1. Mercury


      Only time I ever land a shot.

    2. MillerLite


      all i can say is this is pretty dogshit 10/10 not a dank meme. 

  12. RIP to the homie Corporal Colt :(

  13. Can we please turn off the rain it is like it occurs more often than it has in the past.

  14. March will be known as the month we're everyone got banned for, scripting, duping, money duping, hacking, money hacking, harassment, etc 

    1. TheRandomOne


      Overall, a pretty great month

    1. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      I have the glossy Iphone 7 plus but I can never really enjoy it because it's always been in a case. So if you buy that it will probably just go in a case. 

  15. It's okay APD, the Kavala streets are less dangerous now.

    1. HyperGoat


      why do you say that?

    2. QKSILVR73


      Except at 3am RDM heaven

  16. Can we get a list in memory of the people that got perm'd I'm curious as to who all got the hammer.

  17. 3bd.gif

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    2. G.O.A.T.


      Nah, much more fitting now fam

    3. Ignis


      Con 3 would have fit a lot more yesterday however

    4. DeadPool1337


      Anther wave incoming?


  18. More people have been permed in the last week than there has been in probably the last 3 months it seems. Nicely done staff :)

  19. all of my bois are getting banned... :mellow:

    1. TheRandomOne


      They probably shouldn't have broken rules then

    2. Snare


      your right... was making a statement my dud. feelsrealbad tho.

  20. af99ff2eaf56991b616f41216ab791f6.png

    Bye Bye X-rated.

    ecks DeeEe

  21. For those who are about to die, I salute you. 

    1. MillerLite
    2. Edge


      He comes the HAMMER

    3. MillerLite


      just memeing around my guy ;)

  22. RIP quadbike dupers.

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    2. MillerLite


      @Corporal_moob goddamn i hope it wasn't you that only ratted for 2 mill. But, then again I imagine the MC gang back does you well enough  ;)

    3. Corporal_moob


      @MillerLite Nah my dude. That shit wasn't me. 

    4. MillerLite


      atta boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Be careful with tower lag, it is now a bannable offense

  24. I swear to fuck stop change my Location