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Status Updates

  1. Situation is coming to an end. Shouldn't be much longer till we go live.

  2. BLTN may be delayed for 5-10 mins depending how long this situation lasts.

  3. Just gave away all my in game money :D

  4. Killed virus, Bacardi, josh, and John Wayne, blew up an APD helo, stole a fully upgraded APD hatchback and got to play with long lost epidemic feeling pretty accomplished of myself lol they had to send hades after me

    1. GrandpaSquid


      UH OH watch out Olympus, got us a Major Hardass on our hands! Hide yo kids and yo Wives

  5. Tonight's guests are Ares, Virus, and FluffyWolf. If you have any last minute topics comment below!

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    2. ToeKnee


      thats been too much of a topic feel like its being overused

    3. Warfare


      A wipe is overdone. Especially when the answer is going to be wait till Hades or Poseidon makes an official announcement.

    4. McDili


      There is no server wipe unless Poseidon/Hades says there is. It's been said a lot.

  6. 1 more guest needed for tonights BLTN. We go live at 9pm pst. Message me if you are interested!

  7. first 10 minute playing medic, get backed into going into HQ to save some dead people, I'm going 10mph, other guy is backing up so max speed about 12mph....then all the sudden, explosion. Arma....you always win in the end.

  8. When your power goes out -_-

    1. Warfare


      You dance around naked

    2. Brennan


      Sit in a corner and try not to cry


      Cry a lot.

  9. The time has come for my weekly "The BLTN Podcast needs 2 guests for tonight, inbox me if you are interested". Also Travis had to cancel sadly.

  10. APD yesterday: Flying with a P.O. and a Deputy. Fly for 45min and check every red zone there is, and flew along MSR to not see 1 single person. Then arma freezes and my P.O. and deputy left to die as my chopper goes down.

    1. wrice4


      Not to mention there were 50ppl in server.

    2. Dustin87


      They were hiding in kavala....

    3. wrice4


      I know. I saw Ebzekro arreset like 34 people in 30 minutes.

  11. Everytime......EVERY TIME. I'm arrested by the cops ....they make the professiondude reference.

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    2. Dustin87


      What is the reference?

    3. Professiondude


      They link my in-game name to my forum name. that's about it.

    4. Chaotix


      Hey...I didn't say it....I said "Professional Dude" being that you were a secret agent a those attempted car thefts were in a fight for freedom.

  12. Top poster shall be mine......sorry Hades.

    1. wrice4


      I've been trying to catch up with your ass. You're still like 3X past me though, lol.

  13. Olympus Now Issue #1 is now up. Check it out and tell us what you think

    1. RogueMK


      good job man, look forward to reading the upcoming ones :)

    2. Gucci Mane

      Gucci Mane

      Nice work mang.

    3. EvilMinion


      really good cant wait for more

  14. whats your in-game name

    1. Soapy Smith

      Soapy Smith

      [iNF] Soapy Smith

  15. Finished the last interview I needed for Olympus Now 1. Just need to decide when to post it?

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    2. wrice4


      We will all give second opinions, lol.

    3. Warfare


      Lol very true. Getting Jendrak to look at it in the next 10 mins and then if it's all good it will be posted.

    4. wrice4


      Awesome. Keep up the great work man.

  16. Virus said I had a god RP voice. I can now die happy.

  17. ISP upgrading their internet modems, so its been unusable at the moment. Hope to play with everyone soon.

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    2. wrice4


      My usual speeds is 20down and 2.5up.

      The past 2 weeks its been 1-3down and .05up.....

      They keep telling me they will be done soon. :-/

    3. Bacardi


      mines DSL witch gets 2mb dl and 750kbps upload on good days :/

    4. Bacardi


      needless to say theyre gonna be gone soon

  18. Profile background on point.

    1. wrice4


      Now everyone is going to have to click your name to see what it is, haha. Good pic.

    2. D3V1L


      That's actually a pretty nice pic :)

    3. Dustin87
  19. Formatting on IPB is a mother furker

  20. Working on Olympus Now #1 with Falcon. Once we get 2 people to interview we should have it up.

  21. #officialchurchofaltis

  22. Apparently tapatalk is the reason posts are getting un-formatted, fuuuuuu