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Status Updates

  1. Can we mute the fucking chat during restarts?

  2. so we ban for tower lag now niceee

  3. When you find your phone and log into steam only to find out that your game uninstalled :mellow:91ae0c1602b595c4da6e8807f151ce48.png

  4. @DaneG is a liar!


      Nice blank boxes. :bigcheefface:


  5. Who has a server 1 dp 22 garage?

  6. rest in peace bro...out of all the people banned i think you should get a second chance....

    1. Garrett


      Hopefully one day my dude :)

    2. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      I disagree. Perms should be perms. I know some get lifted but I really do hope they don't. These people exploited a system for a year and not only for virtual money but for real hard earned money. I lost ALL respect for the R&R members who participated on this. They should go exploit to another server of their choice, far way from Olympus. 

    3. Garrett


      @Bubbaloo Burrito in fairness I did it 1 time around a month ago to test it out and that was it. Yeah that was a mistake but I didn't do it as much as you think

  7. Somebody go buy my 3 crater in dp 25 on s2 and my abdera 3 crater on s1 since I'm perm'd now you're welcome.

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    2. QKSILVR73


      What were you thinking!!!??? SMH LOL

    3. Garrett


      @Bobby Ricky I didn't see it my bad my dude. I'll miss you bud maybe you'll get trial one day ;)

      @QKSILVR73 I know rip keep pissing people off in Kavala my friend.

    4. Bobby Ricky
  8. So I guess when people have been wondering why nobody has been doing runs is because they were duping all there shit!

  9. Hey @Phizx

    1. Phizx
    2. Garrett


      @Phizx get perm'd idiot kys cy@ l8r

    3. Phizx


      Same @ you nerd kys sit lattttaaaaaaaa bitch @Garrett

  10. How many byes have mc had in gang wars? Just wondering..

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    2. RambleR


      Rather get a bye than not be able to play, have fun watching tom. Not sure why you care so much.

    3. 7om


      i have community service anyway but im just saying :) 

    4. SystemChips


      Not sure about 1 and 2, and not sure if this one has been released yet but 3 byes from gang wars 4-9 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v9TqY6YzulU60IFnfz3bZdeRe7KlDydE3fU7HH00QI0/edit#gid=69392031

  11. life is hard when you run out of likes



      Life's hard when a lot of shit went down with Olympus but I was restricted. I had so much shit to say to people, but I couldn't... :FeelsBad::FeelsBad::FeelsBad:

    2. TheRandomOne


      Probably for the best,that way you couldn't get restricted again lol



      Hehe... yeah, a little bit of me is upset, but I DEFINITELY would have gotten restricted. So I'm more happy I was restricted. I learned how to conserve my likes though.

  12. So alot of shitter medics got banned i have a question for the staff. How was the exploit done im genuinely curious.

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    2. Strafe
    3. deadmansreturn


      medics used to be able to impound their own vehicles, and vehicles of other medics

    4. Mini


      Someone didn't change the impound values on the vehicles and they were abused for money

  13. if anyone has a cop tazer pistol il buy it for 50k

  14. So anyone wanna leak me what the donation goal is y'all know that's what I look forward to the most;)

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    2. Raine


      @Poseidon I'd be okay with that goal:happygary:

    3. Strafe



      We're getting Titans, Bitches, & Donuts

    4. Mini


      More perm bans is the new goal

  15. So what are the maps for gang wars?

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    2. Mike Pence
    3. Monkeysz


      Wait so Prime will let the gang choose and they will just defend like normal xD

    4. TheRandomOne


      So wait, it's just cartels then?


      That's boring.

  16. anyone know how to fix playstv? its not recording arma anymore

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    2. Lucki


      When PlaysTV works, it is 1000x better than Shadowplay. The fact that I have my entire game sessions recorded for a few days, in case anyone submits a ticket on me, has been a lifesaver in more than 1 situation. Shadowplay doesn't let you look at a game session from 4 days ago if you didn't hit the record button.

    3. Dinosaurlazers


      @Lucki If you don't use instant replay and record freely it does. I use instant replay and record my last 3 minutes because that doesn't give me a frame drop and its good for recording montage clips, people breaking rules etc.

    4. Lucki


      So Shadowplay will continuously record entire game sessions and save the entire time? Will it automatically erase older files or do you need to manually do that?

      My biggest issue was that Shadowplay wouldn't work if i was in Fullscreen Windowed

  17. honestly this is why i fucking left Olympus in the first place, "scats" going around in fucking vigi shit then the 2 gang members with full out rebel shit. like boi that aint scatting. i will be hosting a scat class tmo at 12pm EST on how to fuckking scat, fuck all of you that have to attend. MANDATORY

    1. Lucki


      You want to learn how to scat? Learn from Ollie: 


  18. To everyone that voted yes to my participation in Gang Wars, you are very much appreciated. Very grateful for the support (:

  19. when someone spikes your plane when you land after super chill flight

    rip my red plane


    also rip broken playstv recording

  20. Lol this is too funny. Only took a year to figure out and the numbers aren't even accurate.


    1. Mark_McLeod


      Hey whatever man now people know that they can use their "exploits" for at least a year without anyone catching on.


  21. That moment you get logged out of steam and then need the steam authenticator to log in but you lost your phone and it is dead and cant be called :mellow: