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Status Updates

  1. Now that i got 1000+ rep do I get a special title?

  2. See you medics in a month when your permanent ban gets lifted :) 

    1. Muthinator


      Regardless of what happens, they will never be medics again...

  3. So now that all these medics have been banned, Defibs?

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    2. Muthinator


      We only removed 5 medics from active duty.  4 others were removed previously for inactivity and 1 was already blacklisted.  The R&R will be a better place without them.  Hate to disappoint but no defibs.

    3. Hot Pocket

      Hot Pocket

      Defibs are for losers

    4. 7om
  4. In other news Gang Wars Leader meeting tonight! Going to pick locations and go over rules. 

  5. To those who are about to die, we salute you! 

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    2. ThatNerdyGuy
    3. Tman15tmb


      I'll salute them by shoving my foot up their ass.

    4. Snare


      Glad their gone. This is one unban im definitely never fighting for.

  6. What happened to my story you were gonna give me?

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    2. TheRandomOne


      I'm just waiting for the "Water is wet" story lead 

    3. Jesse


      16 minutes ago, DANGUSDEAN said:

      I feel like it's being overly hyped but I don't know. 


    4. TheRandomOne


      Think I found the story

  7. Any recommendations for a nice gaming laptop for arma 3 $1000 or less even if used?

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    3. Raine


      Damn thanks for all the help guys wasn't expecting this means a lot!



      Np. Have fun, let us know what you get.

  8.   Baby comeback  

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    2. Serpico


      It's true. I told him to take it away. The troll in me gets too high.



      I'm so confused with literally everything that's going on, and this only makes it worse. What's happening with the drunk guy? And what's happening with all the hints at even more perms? IM SO CONFUSED PEOPLE???

    4. Serpico


      I got trolly and banned him on TS. He was not coming back online. The Canadian in me started to feel bad. He just thought his internet dropped and kept watching his show/movie.

  9. It will all make sense soon, but for the time being;



    1. Raine


      Publicly humiliating people who will be permed?:)

    2. CommanderSuki
  10. Is there any csat pilot coveralls out there?

  11. I heard vac = ban



    1. Jonn


      >210 days since last VAC = Ban

    2. Jesse


      4 minutes ago, Jonn said:

      >210 days since last VAC = Ban

      <210 days since last VAC = Ban


  12. if you get banned its your own fault, not any admins.

    this is getting pretty stupid


    disclaimer: not about any certain person.

    1. Renim


      i deleted it because its only been sh*t talk and stuff that isnt relevent to my above topic, not anything in the form on reasonable argument.

      come at me with arguments that arnt just shit talk. 

    2. Raine


      Your past 3 status updates have been talking shit about people getting banned soooo.......

    3. Renim


      what "he deserved it"? last i checked all hackers deserve a ban, its up to admins to decide if they want to or not.

  13. #FreeYourBoy 

    Looks like I'm sitting out gang wars for the second time 

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    2. TheRandomOne


      3 hours ago, Phizx said:


      I don't wanna get restricted for putting some random news team member in the dirt so I'll just agree with your statement (:

      Put someone in the dirt? This is the internet kid, no reason to act tough.

    3. Phizx


      The only time I can remember not fighting OG mushroom is when you rushed to the cartel with 16 people to defend against our 8 , we wouldn't attack with that number differential no matter where it is . You've attacked us 17v7 before and barely won by the last 1-2 guys (not to mention you've lost some of those kind of fights before ).If your reading comprehension was a level above of that of a second grader , I said you are irrelevant to the situation at hand , which means my ban and status update has nothing to do with you, your shit gang , or the shit players in it . Like I said earlier , fuck off. Go back to your daily YouTube videos@ThatNerdyGuy

      And who the fuck was talking to you? @TheRandomOne I'm just curious

    4. TheRandomOne


      With something as entertaining as this I couldnt help but jump in and have some fun

  14. when you go into the pet store to LOOK and your wife is like awwwwwwwwwwww

    fb4a353dbc19453a4967eb36b92a3fce.jpgi lost the battle :'(

    1. Mercury


      Hope your wife likes Salmonella!


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    2. Renim


      dont know the context, but theres a million unban x person posts.

    3. Linka


      if you don't know the context to a ban then giving your input is a waste of time don't you think? Plus it can make you look dumb.

    4. Renim


      well to be fair, a ban usually involves someone fucking up to receive it. I understand I'm sorta in the wrong here but its what ever tbh

  16. Can there please be a rule that makes it so cops can not camp gang sheds?

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    2. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      Stakeouts are a small, but significant part of policing on this server. Long hours of boredom punctuated by moments of stark raving terror. I've only staked out a gang shed a few times. Sometimes it'll take a few hours to catch somebody out. It's not abused due to the fact that busts as a result of stakeouts are few and far between. Note that there are probably only twenty guys in this community that can actually search your shed should they get lucky enough to catch you out. 

    3. DeadPool1337


      @Fat Clemenza Not just the Sapd but when a corporal and 5 other cops box your truck in and wait for you to do something. You ask them what are you doing. They reply with we are patrolling the area you can not patrol when you are standing there not moving. 

    4. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      So your person and vehicle may be subject to search & seizure. Not as bad as getting hemmed up by a Senior who'll surely search your shed or house in addition to your person & vehicle. Certainly not worthy of a restriction.

  17. I got a news lead for you ;)

  18. If you thought VPN perms were bad...

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    2. DeadPool1337


      @Poseidon Hey now keep it up and I will find a bug your duping XD

    3. 7om


      deadpool snitch rat

    4. Strafe


      Well i mean like lil bill and his pulldowns amirite

  19. R.I.P. Disapponted...

  20. Apparently there is an outage in my area. RIP internet.


    Fuckin comcast.

    1. Jesse


      No one will miss you.

    2. TheRandomOne


      That's what I'm hoping for. Wouldn't want to inconvienence anyone

  21. To any who saw my post it was not ok of me to do that and i apologize to the community it was in the heat of the moment and its very frustrating