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Found 5 results

  1. Yoooo whats popping guys. It's me Max. Im a dank cool 420 ArmA 3 player. I'm very nice in game and normally don't like holding people up (unless I need to for safety reasons :D) I have been mugged about 30 times and was held hostage, but broke out of my restraints and ran for my life. So yeah, don't mess with me because im the definition of bad-ass :D. ITS YE BOIII SIGNING OUTTTTT PEACEEEE!
  2. So we were driving a box truck doing some drugs ya know the normal. Then the police showed up so we ran, we shot back and one of my friends (BONK) Arrcuis got away and hid. However I was later stopped by a cop and while i tried to fire back my game ran out of memory and I got a black screen. I tried to log back on but apparently i was banned for 3 days along with my friend who did absolutely NOTHING. Arma 3 BTW has been having a problem with crashing.
  3. I hope you guys enjoy this, yes it is a long video but totally worth watching, especially when you're banned like me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6ySGtUKy9k
  4. i got on the site, had a hell of a time trying to find what im supposed to do to be a cop, read the rules, and filled out the thing, and now im waiting, but why does being a cop have to be such a pain in the ass, there were four senior adp members on here and im still waiting, its almost been an hour and a half. Am i the only one bothered by this inconvenient process?
  5. Just to let everyone know the Arma 3 - Extended Edition is currently 50% off. The extended edition contains the full arma 3 game as well as all the game's DLC. If you've got any buddies that are looking to get into Arma 3 now would be an awesome time seeing as how Arma rarely gets discounts this high.