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Found 11 results

  1. I want to buy some cop gear but not expesnive like Mar-10, Mk-1, etc.
  2. IGD EXO

    20-Mx taser 2-Carrier special rig 1 black 1 green 3-CTRG Stealth uniform 5-spar taser 5-sting taser Willing to trade gear as well
  3. Looking for any cop gear and lethal mar 10 with mags
  4. Justi

    Looking to sell: 5x MX 2x MXM 2x Type115 1x Cmr 1x MK1 3x Carrier Rig 1x Nato Pilot Helmet PM Offers
  5. LiL J


  6. yung matt

    Selling all these items, also selling 1 hunter: offer me x1 mar10 lethal x1 type 115 taser x1 mx taser x1 ASP lethal x1 mx lethal x1 mxm lethal x1 mxm taser x1 rpg x2 4 fives x1 Spar16Gl x1 Mar10 taser x1 bipod x1 9mm suppressor x1 6.5 suppressor x1 7.62 suppressor x1 rangemaster suit x2 lvl 2 police helment x2 lvl 4 police vest x2 sergeant coveralls outfits x1 lvl V police vest x4 .338 mags x1 rpg rocket x9 6.5 mags (for mx/mxm) x5 6.5 mags (for cmr) x2 12.7 mags (for asp)
  7. Unjo

    Need mags and gun, give offer please
  8. Kden

    Buying Mx / spar 16s along with mags in bulks don’t want any Corp/Sgt gear buying in bulk
  9. 21Cabbage

    everything u see is for sale! pm with offers
  10. I have a MX with 3 mags and a police vest and uniform will sell to the highest bidder 24 Hours from this post bidding stops

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