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Found 6 results

  1. police

    So wait a minute, youre telling me that the police are allowed to employ the use of blindfolds? What is that trash? I can tell you whats going to happen right now is, combat blind folds. *Tazed* restrained and blindfolded within the same second. Add an animation because you know they will blind fold you every time you are arrested, no matter what.
  2. So with blindfolds in and cops being able to use them, Makes no fucking sense. Cops should not be able to use blindfolds. For one were talking about cops, hears a video of what I tried to rp and themountan cop had a shitty mic at first and was being a cunt. Then he dosnt even try to rp with me. I was going to pay my ticket if he would have just token the blind fold off. I seriously hate cops. Like fuck. Secondly, during the whole processing the were telling me what they were doing like it fucking ruins everything. Like trust me.
  3. The "Average" setup for an old fashion Altian Jailbreak
  4. i wanted to try the cops be i was r&r i have played on this server for 450 hours just on this server i have read the rules and know them better then any one and for some resone they tell me i dont have enof time or learn the rules when i all i did was mix one question up and fixed it as soon after and they tell me try agin at a latter date. i dont think it right but hey i guess it there server and prob why there is way less people then there use to be
  5. It's ashame really, that when i got on there's 3-5 cops on, all just sat in kavala doing nothing, You go through kavala they restrain you take you to jail, but they seem to only stay in kavala, only once or twice have i seen them try stop a drug run, but they dont patrol any other city, nor do they guard the checkpoints, this is probably due to the lack of cops there acctualy is. This might acctualy stop the lack of rdm and vdm that is spread outside of kavala,