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  1. Wired1234

    so i was at meth lab trying to make some money when a gas station robbery was attempted as i was in the middle of processing....this is what happened the entire ADP is just a gang like any other with special abilities which allow them to seize your vehicle "grefing you" keep all the contraband for themselves "dont need to go to drug dealer", and if you ask for help from the ADP if your getting robbed noone will come....so if you try and do legal things to make money other gangs will rob you and if you try to do illegal things ADP will rob you.....in this video they are responding to a gas station robbery but because busting a guy at meth will net them more money they decide to come for me instead. there is no such thing as "To SERVE and PROTECT" with the ADP its just lets check all the drug areas all day every 10 mins cause were allowed to....you never see them flying or coming to legal areas that people get jacked at most to make sure things are ok there. the whole police for is corrupt as fuck and this video proves it....notice the new adp officer get really mad when they were going to let me go.....he was mad because he wasn't gonna get as much money from it...but they decided not to let me go and process me neways eve after they said i was innocent and were going to let me go.

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