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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 4 results

  1. The devs have been doing a lot, lets make this one easy AAF/CSAT Heli and jet pilot helmets of all variants AAF heli pilot coveralls All of go karts DLC added Vigis get MXCs K I D N E Y S (with blindfolds, and ice boxes needed to hold the kidneys) stats page
  2. I think that the donation goal could be to add an auction house aspects of the auction house 1. Sell inventory items, like mk-1 or something like that and it takes it from your inventory. When someone wants to buy something they'll have a "shopping cart" and when they are done shopping, a crate will spawn and they will be the only person who has access to the crate. Things can not be put into the spawned crate, and the crate will disappear after 5 minutes. 2. Sell houses. When you select to sell a house, you are presented with a list of the houses you have that are empty, the houses have to be empty!!! Once they select it, they will be allowed to charge up to 1.5 times the price that it normally is bought at. Once the house is selected to be sold, it can only be bought from the auction house and is immediately taken from the owners. The house can not be bought from the actual site of the house. Once the house is bought, the keys will immediately be turned over to the buyer. Rules. I guess. 1. Every purchase is completely anonymous through in-game. Obviously people can coordinate a sell/buy outside of the game. 2. Things will be not be taken off the auction houses When the seller logs off the server, and things will persist through restart. 3. Each city will have a auction house, and all the auction houses have the exact same listings. that is it. If you have other suggestions please comment below.
  3. Does anyone have any idea when donation perk items will be unlocked for the public to use? Admins? Poseidon? Gary? PLZ?
  4. Hello I haven't seen this addressed yet in the forums, and I was wondering if donations compound? E.g. I gave $10 recenlty and if I give $15 now will I be considered a tier 2, or would I have to give a full $25 for tier 2 status? Thank you.

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