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Found 1 result

  1. Now, back in the beginning of the year we all heard about the auction house which was in development with some sneaky previews. However since the departure of DJWolf from the development team, that feature seems to have plummeted into the abyss. This is a post for @Poseidon to consider as a donation goal (Because I know early in the year everyone wanted the auction house so I'm sure it will reach the goal pretty quick.) and to @Jesse who we kindly ask if he would consider taking the time to develop this feature for the server. I guess I can't just make a post about it without giving a few views to debate, so here it is. Each spawnable town should have an auction house with an auctioneer (AI and not one of those shitty asylum signs) All auction houses should be linked across servers (because fuck instancing) Have the ability to sell both physical items, virtual inventory, garages, houses and vehicles Make listing an item free, however if you decide to cancel a listing you are charged either 1% of the price asked or $5,000 The item seller name should be listed, as well as the "buy it now" price The seller should be able to chose whether they want their item to be auctioned to the highest bidder with a time limit or just have a buy it now price for a quick sale More ideas may come, but for now this is what I could think of.