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Found 11 results

  1. There are many big/rich gangs on the server. These servers have a constant player base on the server. These gangs are large and have a large sum of money in their funds. Out of all of them, in my opinion, Silla is (by far) the worst one. Don't think I'm tilted and I'm posting this out of anger because I'm not. I would HATE for Silla to end our war as my war point income would suffer tremendously. I know several gangs that use them ass war point farms (including my own). The low ranking members tend to RDM a lot. Their weed runs are extremely profitable from both war points as well as normal mo
  2. basically just wanted to hear what people have to say about adding specific outfits without using mods for gangs if they were to pay a certain amount of money, either real life or in game
  3. I'm coming for ya'lls Head!! I'm broke and I don't like being played like a joke. Give ME MY RESPECT GO HEX GANG BOY 6 Point My DAWG GANG GANG
  4. Hey as many of you may know dash has disbanded as a gang, lets use this thread to say goodbye to Greenarrow and all of dash. Peace
  5. best offers will get the houses https://gyazo.com/c32e53226358ee37a81bc5b9536f4087 they are the closest possible houses you can get
  6. https://gyazo.com/d5e1f9aea151ce6508beab05f0c65787 Right by Kavala rebel Post offers here Minimum 20 Mill
  7. Looking for an active gang that has 5+ people in it, I have 300 hours and is active pretty much every day. Steam id: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kroooonooooss/
  8. Wouldn't it be dope if we could get "gang houses"? Im thinking like the gang leader (Rank 5) gets the keys and ranks 3+ get the keys perm for it. Just an Idea
  9. When and why were Gang hideouts removed? Are they going to comeback? If not, why?
  10. How are yall liking the new gang features? (I on one hand can use it.. Banned... For 7 days... But played on dev server.) Seems pretty cool! What do yall think? (Just a section to talk gangs.)

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