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Found 4 results

  1. 6 Zafir 1 Mar-10 (Lethal) 1 DMS 2 7.62 Suppressor 2 6.5 Stealth Sound Suppressor 2 5.8 Stealth Sound Suppressor 29 Zafir Belts 17 .338 Mar-10 mags 8 12.7 mags 12 pilot coveralls 5 Carrier special rigs (tier 5 armor) 1 CTRG plate carrier rig (tier 4 armor) (civ sergeant vest) All gear is obtained from blackwaters - no chance of it being duped but you can ask an admin to check my houses. PM me offers or post on the thread please!
  2. hmu if you have one, willing to buy for 23m Will not be on Monday (02/25) or Tuesday (02/26)
  3. I have a ghosthawk for sale. my PID is 76561198093364511 if you want to check the stats page. just put offers
  4. Selling armed Ghosthawk post offers below, one sold last night for 50m [CIV] http://prntscr.com/hgcv8c
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