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Found 5 results

  1. I got a MAR 10 in Field Tested Condition. PM me or reply to this thread if you are interested.
  2. As you all know in the recent update the vermin was changed, I for one think this was a good change but upon seeing the pricing of the vermin I thought it could use some changes. The vermin is very similar to the PDW but the price is nearly 4 times that of the PDW, this injustice cannot stand and I think we should lower the pricing. I did the research and with the GA carrier GL rig the Vermin can kill in 13 shots while the PDW can kill in 12 (all directly to the chest) With the Enhanced Combat Helmet (Tropic) the Vermin can kill in 4 shots while the PDW can kill in 3 (to the head) The damage on the PDW is slightly higher than that of the Vermin, but Damage isn't everything according to the virtual arsenal is as follows As you can see the rate of fire and accuracy of the vermin is slightly higher than that of the PDW while the PDW has a higher impact Considering this I think the Vermin's price tag should be changed to somewhere around the 25k-15k range, this is only a suggestion and could be changed to whatever the admins see fit. Note: This is in Virtual arsenal and Eden Editor, Olympus has changed certain damage values so if the admins could fill me in on any changes that would effect either of these guns please feel free to reply and tell us how they would effect them. **SORRY I MEANT TO PUT THIS IN FEEDBACK & SUGGESTIONS**
  3. Looking for offers on my newly acquired MX 3GL 6.5 mm (Black).
  4. Selling an APD issued black MX (6.5mm) with 4 full mags. Will accept the highest offer by the end of today.
  5. Last night I was hanging out at my house when this truck pulled up and parked. I stepped outside and told them to put their hands up and engaged RP properly, then I ended up killing one. The other one eventually put his hands up and so I restrained him, took him into my house, and began roleplaying for his rook. He explained to me in detail about how poor he was and how rich I probably was. I said screw this, and I took him and put him in my Ifrit for a drive-around. We were almost found by the police, but he played some rockin music and we drove to Sofia. At the end I dropped him off at the garage with his rook still in his possession and I went back to my house. THE END P.s. GG Johny lol
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