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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, My name is Aidan but go by Atlas Signor/Aido Potato on gaming platforms (mostly) and on YouTube/Twitch. I played Arma 2 Takistan Life for most of my teens and couldn't really upgrade to Arma 3 until recently due to having the worst laptop known to humankind. I've played on the server a couple of times and have had a blast. Hope to see you all in the future, even the one's who RDM/RVM me... Feel free to add me on steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/PotatoofAido/) and we can cruise together or murder each other. I'm down with whatever. Personal Hobbies: Miniature Model Painting Gaming (duh) Pro Wrestling (The fake kind) Graphic Design See ya all soon!
  2. My name is Fortunate founder of Sons of Fortune gang (which is currently recruiting) If you have any questions about me or the Sons of Fortune reply to this thread or my email. [email protected]
  3. Yo yo yooooo what it be homies?! Out here round these Altian parts wishin' a good day to yall from your friendly neighborhood Chief Deputy Glenn.[I have been self-appointed to the rank of Chief Deputy (leader of the the Deputy Cult and the savior of the hobo trash men) with my 2ic being Deputy Silver. I am an R&R EMT and originally started on this server around 3-4 years ago (2014-2015 I think) but I never played super consistently (hard to play on Olympus by yourself when you're 14 and a squeaker) I was first a cop in August of 2018, then from March-February of 2019, and now I'm back again as a Cop here to bring those Civvies to justice. Ain't no greasy dago W.O.P.s out here can stop me, out here taking the H-train to LaLa Land, where my spirit animal Drake is going to teach me what the color purple tastes like. Ya dig? -J.Glenn
  4. Hello! My name is Clint Snyder. I humbly apologize for my extremely late introduction. I am rather new to Arma 3 so please don't mind my awful game play. My interests are located on my profile, so I don't think I need to say any more of them on this post, although I do have a rather large selection of interests. Also, I posted some of the music that I was into on the "About Me" tab on my profile. Anyhow, this is where I bid you all adieu! I think I counteracted myself by trying to sound intelligent, then put in this picture of the adorable Pepe puking over all of the he**ai memes going around.
  5. My name is Patreck and I've been playing on Olympus for about a year now, I chose to not do an introduction because I never really went on the forums but now I find myself on them more often so I thought I would make this. I'd imagine that a lot of you have seen me in-game, I mostly play medic under the name NotPatreck and am also on apd. Feel free to add me on steam or msg me on the forums if you ever wanna talk I get along with pretty much everyone
  6. Hey, I'm FlubberGasket, but most people know me as Flubber. I'm new to the arma scene and would like to get involved, I have always wanted to get into an arma community and I think this is the one for me. I hope to interact with more of you, and get to know you guys. Let's have fun.
  7. Hello, Olympians. I'm Fat Clemenza. I've been playing on the servers for about a month now, and I figured I'd better make an intro post because, you know, better late than never I guess. I live in Southern Orange County, California, I am attending college and majoring in Public Administration. I plan to join the Navy in 2015 and get into police work after that. I like playing the guitar, working, tinkering, and modifying computers and automobiles. I also like to clean and shoot my vast collection of firearms. I play in all of the servers equally. I am also a rookie deputy with the APD, so you're likely to see me in any server since I like to go where the APD needs me. I look forward to playing with you guys and having a good time. Take care and see you on the island.
  8. Hows it going Olympus my name is BT.Fatal you have probably seen me under other names such as Nick,Fatalxheadshotx,Fatal,Fatal.N I have been playing the server for a little over a year now and just decided to make an account on the site and wanted to say hello to everyone!
  9. I have no intentions of telling you my likes and dislikes. As for my dream... I have few hobbies.
  10. Hello World, I am Upryzing aka Mitch in Altis. Play as civ mostly, looking to apply for R&R and possibly apd
  11. Hello, I'm new in town. I enjoy walks on the beach (catching sunsets), cats, and brunch. I'm finishing up "med school" hoping to one day be a medic (in-game.... ;))! I'm really not a fan of violence and always strive for being a law-abiding citizen. Odd jobs include mining and fruit picking. Speaking of which, I hope to find or start a group that defends the rights of and protects mine workers! Lots of bad hombres out there...
  12. Hey guys im new to the forums but have been around here for a while. I'm also a close friend of DJ wolf and he was like you should introduce yourself here and im like OK sorry if my intro was really annoying. Cya around guys ;P Also you will probably see me in a lot of videos testing with DJ. Anyways have a great day (=
  13. Hey guys! Just about the real me first. I was been playing Arma for over a year. Milsim is really my thing but I recently took a turn for Altis Life and I love it. Basically the sims with guns, not sure if its gets any better than that! But I has a fairly high ranking Battalion Staff member in my last unit. I also owned an Altis Life server for a while. In addition to that, I'm a self proclaimed developer, I pretty good with scripting and mission editor. I am very good with combat (when I'm not having computer issues), I listen to orders very well and follow them, I am a quick learner and am profficiant in all JTAC and other high level military comms and tactics. So in-game I will most likely apply for the police. On another server I was a Federal Weapons Marshal and later became the Director of the Federal Investigations Bureau. Currently my headset will not work at all, which would make it impossible for me to talk to anyone, let alone be a government official. So my role play for now is that I am a retired Special Forces Operator that used to be with the CIA's Special Activities Division, the Naval Special Warfare Group 4 (the SEALs Special Boat Teams), and then became the Assistant Director of the FBI. I leaked government secrets and now I'm on the run doing deep cover work for the notorious criminals of Olympus Altis Life. My in game name is Frazer Pines, I hope I get to play with some of you guys! Sincerely, Frazer Pines P.S. I apologize for any grammar issues, I just woke up!
  14. Snare


    Hey everyone. its [YA]Xavier. I first played on Olympus about a year ago but I think now I'm beginning to become a little bit more part of the community so I just figured I go onto the forums to say hello to everyone! have a great life in altis everybody and watch as i climb to the top of the wealth leaderboard.
  15. Hey, everyone! My name is Ritvars (a.k.a. RichusX). I'm 16 years old, originally from Latvia, moved to Edinburgh, UK around 3 years ago because of better education. English is my second language, but I speak in English better than a lot of locals. I love PC gaming. I've been playing PC games since I was 7. Started playing Arma around 4 years ago, initially played Arma 2, but switched to Arma 3 when it got released and it's been a great experience so far. Besides gaming I like to program, do some penetration testing & chill with friends. I've played on several UK AL communities, but it just didn't feel right, so I looked up some US servers and Olympus caught my eye. After first 2h of playing I fell in love with the atmosphere on the server. Currently I'm in high school but I'm going to start college (Games Development course) in few months. There's a picture of me & my friends from summer 2014. (I'm the guy in the middle) Hope to meet you all in-game! P.S. Sorry if I've made a spelling / punctuation mistake as my writing skills are not that great. RichusX
  16. Achilles


    Hey i'm Achilles, I enjoy playing in Altis life # 2 in my free time. I'm often heard telling stupid jokes and enjoy sarcasm. I'm currently a college student and maintain 2 full time jobs. 1st photo is second job second photo is first job. As I type this, I'm currently looking for my coat, I hope someone didn't jacket.
  17. Hi guys, its nice to see a well-established community for once. I have been playing the RPG game mode in arma 3 for about 6-7 months now and this is so far one of my favorite servers that I have played in arma 3. I have played for more than a month of around 5 role play servers and have attained some good positions on them. I would like to become a cop and maintain some kind of order on servers that have 1 or no cops on. I have reviewed the process for becoming cop, and it seems like only the best and most experienced make the cut. But anyways most of you guys probably don't even know who I am, I have kept a pretty low profile on server 3 (where I usually play on) but I plan to change that in the next few weeks. About me: I am 16 and live in QC, Arizona Im pretty good at basketball and I usually play on the wasteland or RPG game modes of arma 3 I look forward to being more involved with Olympus and I hope a good role-player is needed in your community. -Major Danger
  18. Not much to say, I'm part of the APD cadet program, happy to be there. I'm trying to clean up the streets in the early morning hours. (EST) I'm older than most, but I still know how to play and accept new diversities in games with RP involved. I'm here to Play the crap out of this game. I'm here to be the best at what I do (APD department) and learn as much as i can from my superiors. I'm also here to cause untamed Havoc on as a Civ and just make the game fun and exciting for all. Thats pretty much it, anything else you want to know just ask. Guido
  19. Whats going on Olympus? Names not actually Hector, but Bryan and I'm from Pennsylvania Played on the servers a little while ago off and on, recently made it my go to server and have been loving it. Started doing some of the illegal stuff as a civ and recently have been playing as a vigilante and having a good time. Hopefully looking to expand more and play medic soon and eventually try my hand at making APD. Thanks for having awesome servers and allowing us to play on them!
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