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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 3 results

  1. I recently got back from a break from Olympus and the first day back I was RDM'd I posted the recorded video that showed all ppl involved and their names but even 100% proof that rules were broken wasn't enough to get the admin to do anything more than nothing, the video was 6 mins long has to be at least 5 it was good sound and video quality everyone was seen clearly and heard clearly it was rdm and the guy who rdmd even said he did in the footage but the admins don't care they say its not proper evidence . if a video of the event in which the rdmer in question actually says he rdmd in the video isn't evidence then nothing is their just blowing it off so they don't have to do any work and that's fine I am already on another break from Olympus as I knew nothing would come of this report the quality of life has disappeared rules don't matter and mean little, admins don't care neither do the civs from what ive noticed this only provides fuel to the fire of my previous forums topic "Olympus on the down swing" in which I was told if rules are broken then report evidence by an admin... to that admin I say ... that did a lot ... . I guess admins are only capable of giving drone comments back and pretending to keep order ... RIP ... P.S. this is the reason ive been banned 5 times in the past few months but I played on this server for a year and a half without a single ban or report because people stopped caring and cops did too any time I'm on I get fail rp'd by cops ands medics alike and I don't mean they do something I think is against the rules I mean they break RP hardcore its not subtle also getting rdmd by everyone .. ppl don't like to risk dying I get it but to not engage properly or at all is pathetic as is cops that don't care about playing right or by the rules. they simply want to get the money from ur bounty RIP
  2. anyone that played a year ago and plays today even 6 months ago and still plays today can see that there is a clear down swing in the quality of life on the server I have even taken many leaves from the server cause of this and I'm on one ATM as well.RDMing on the rise ,knowledge lacking cops, and just general douche bags have flooded the server and it doesn't show signs of change so I'm posting this to see what anyone thinks about the topic and what we can do to change it so we can Make Olympus Great Again.
  3. I think we have suffered enough from all the pointless shit in the hospitals and Jail, texture bugs, and insane frame drop... Make Olympus great again by removing the pointless shit in it http://www.strawpoll.me/11126453 http://www.strawpoll.me/11126453 http://www.strawpoll.me/11126453

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