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Found 5 results

  1. I keep getting into situations where i run out of repair kits constantly and I don't see why permanent repairs are not just added in.
  2. Hello everyone This is a fun little thing i put together to show the daily life of a ALTIS R&R Service Memeber This is me and my friend Steven. This is my BABY. ORCA 900-A | MEDICAL EDITION | ( real nice comfy chairs with GRADE A cup holders ) This is my lovely house with my wife in the picture. lots of room for ACTIVITIES SO i usually wake up with my wife, the furniture is future u cant see it but it's there. My wife and all her glory ( don't be jealous ) Sometimes We like to spice things up in the bedroom. Driving to work . no traffic today THANK GAWD Arriving to work Making Sure the staff are working hard. helping this citizen get his Aids pills AS SOON as i get my baby up in the air some GREAT PILOT goes in to land on the road .... he failed I meet My wife at her side job. Stopped for lunch. My boss did not like me stopping for my lunch date. Time to head back to work WORKING MY MAGIC. In all srs this takes a lot of work. I went to medical school for 6 years and spent 2 years in the Coast Guard. This is how cars are made. The things you see on the job always amaze me Altis Space Program Test#1 failed my wife going in for the REVIVE ( i taught her well ) My lovely wife in the view with me. My Boss Max saying hello to all the Altis citizens. (isn't he cute in his pajamas) My boss gives me a "pat on the back" for all the good work i did today Time to head home to my lovely Wife. SATISFIED CUSTOMERS : In The end i had this idea randomly not a lot of people on and i decided to just take pictures of what i was doing and throw them together for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoyed this bucket of photos and have a great day
  3. What was that about not getting revived in time?
  4. - Just kidding I like the medic quad bikes but only to a point... - Sure they are cool and easy to use to get around main towns like Kavala but when I am like 10+ km away and I have to wait like 15min for a medic to arrive and I get up to see that they showed up on a quad bike... LIKE DUDE WTF... - I feel like medic quad bikes should be ONLY driven inside city limits... - Lol sorry for the complaint but I can't be the only one
  5. If You've ever met Alexxx the medic, you would know the he's the best medic ever! I had a wonderful rp experience with him and lot's of fun! GO ALEXXX!