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  1. Yall are retards and hope yall have a good time @Hylos You were the first monki i met and you were pretty cool every since that day (dont off yourself yet) @Super_Nova Same as hylos you were the the second monki i ever met and been there since day 1(T-t-t-take it eas-s-sy) @Hurricane Big chungus glad to met you and your welcome for the r6 carry c: (retard deps) @Zahzi Thanks for everything you helped me you turned out to be a pretty good friend (Grug) @Mr Majestic My bad for our previous arguments lol Glad we patched shit out you turned out to be a cool person (Support Channel ;c) @Zeuse Actually annoying (<3) @rabeed Same as Maj my bad for keeping you for 1 hour long lmao (Grug) @hawk Had fun playing mil sim until you killed it >:( (Im the real hawk) @Grego Actually the real big chungus @CorNfLower you always been real with anything you said not a beta monki (lung cancer) @Jester big beta(slow) @Bojo You are the biggest monki i will ever met holy shit like actually (+4 ) @Decimus Seen you play apex and let me tell you playing egril sim gave you brain dmg @Rossco actually a beta lmao imagine getting coup From SS xD @Dustin is actually white dont believe his lies! @Mighty Sad to seen you leave after you lost the battle of the egril to @Rexo (Dont swat me) @Pledge Thanks for everything @ChrisGG @Riiken Always enjoyed "stream sniping" you @Bloodmoon This shit is long af if i didnt @you than opps you know if i like you or if i dont like you @maxg i dont like you c: (stay away from the bush) O7 Cya yall Grugs in 3 months @Ryan Keep the server alive until than please i like roleplay cooper
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