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Found 8 results

  1. Yoooo whats popping guys. It's me Max. Im a dank cool 420 ArmA 3 player. I'm very nice in game and normally don't like holding people up (unless I need to for safety reasons :D) I have been mugged about 30 times and was held hostage, but broke out of my restraints and ran for my life. So yeah, don't mess with me because im the definition of bad-ass :D. ITS YE BOIII SIGNING OUTTTTT PEACEEEE!
  2. Hello everyone, Thought I would join the form and see what's up! Just started playing with a friend of mine. I use to play arma 2 and DayZ a lot. I have had Arma 3 for a while and just not much time to get into it. Now that I have some more time, I am really looking forward to getting into this server and thriving in it and this form. Hopefully I will learn a lot from hereto use in game as well as maybe even become a cop or something. I'm 36 from North Carolina USA. Played Bass Guitar in a few bands. Well hope to get to meet and talk to everyone sometime in the future!
  3. I read over the rules and it seems like there's a lot of differences between the two servers. Can someone familiar with both explain the biggest rule changes between each servers
  4. Hello Everyone, Im Brown family, And I'd like to tell you about my business. I started off on tanoa renting cars out to people in need. Now im moving to the bigger place, Altis. I'm based in kavala. Im renting out hatchbacls, Hatchback sports, Offroads, and Some Suv's and jeeps. Sales are 20 bucks a rental. Rentals last until next restart. Some feedback would be great. Lets make Altis Great again!
  5. Hello Fellow Gamers! I go by Pablo Eskimo and i'm new to Olympus, but it is my favorite server of them all. i had been playing on asylum for a while, the past 3-4 months i have been a medic mostly, and i really enjoy saving peoples lives. I one day hope to do the same on this server. because i know ill be here forever. thanks for reading this! Peace n luv Bruv
  6. Everyone is giving there two thoughts on the donation system, so I concluded I might as well give mine and a fortune for what I believe will happen., and then I give my suggestions. Many people I'm sure are happy, and many I'm sure aren't too happy. Whether you are happy or not is going to be completely based on how much you donated pre-wipe. Only the people who have donated before have a right to be pissed. I donated $25 and I'm happy for the global donation. For anyone who donated $100+, I think they are not too happy at all. They donated $100 personally and now anyone who plays in a month where $100 donor items get unlocked can buy their gear. For me, it's $25, not like I spent a fortune, but $100+ or even $50+ can be quite a bit of money for some people. This excludes people like _______ and _______ who've donated so much money for the good of the server instead of perks. Now for my fortune, for the people that donate some money every once and a while or every month, that amount will not reach the required $669. It's too much money for the certain individuals to donate in one month which is obvious. So it needs donations from everybody, but not everybody is going to donate. If everyone donated the minimum $5 donation, it would be 134 people that have to donate, which is less people than the 200 the servers pull on a good night. But people are going to be "smarter" than that, well, they're going to be cheaper. They're going to wait for the donation to get above the monthly goal, then they're going to use the donation perks. When people do that, the donation goal is never going to get above the monthly goal, and the server will be just like before except some people will be pissed about the new donation system. My suggestions, one of them might not be viable with the rules Olympus has over donating. But first off I want to mention my thought of reason as to why Poseidon does not give everyone every item and ask for donation for skins to certain cars etc. I think he doesn't want to do that because it could really anger the previous donors who donated specifically for those perks and now their donations are worthless in their point of view. However, a way to have this happen since many people think it's a good idea, is to just take either an all VIP or all pre-wipe donor poll and majority win, give everyone all perks or not. Another one of my suggestions is the one that may not be viable, it is to make whoever donated this month, or this month and last month, able to get the donation perks and whoever didn't does not. It would be an investment and if it doesn't get above the monthly goal, then try again next month. My final solution is to have every item able to be unlocked during the monthly donation period. But have them unlocked at different time intervals. For example, once $50 is donated, everyone can get sports hatchbacks, all race car gear and karts. then when $100, everyone gets rangefinders and the headphones and hats etc. Eventually leading up to the $669 prize which would probably be Mohawks and GA rigs. I think this is a viable idea, and it gives more incentive to donate because if you donate and it didn't reach the monthly goal, people will think their money was wasted. But if there's always something unlocked little by little, they won't think it for a waste but that they didn't get all possible perks they could have gotten. I changed the colors to represent my three different ideas, I hope you read all of this and please leave your suggestions/thoughts. Constructive criticism instead of insults please.
  7. I'm fairly new to Altis Life and the whole RP thing, but so far thoroughly enjoying it. Wouldn't mind running into some experienced players to show me the ropes. If you see me out there in game give me a shout Cheers
  8. Hello all, I play in Olympus Server #2 Altis with the Black Flag Operators. I'm a Sgt. in the group and I look forward to posting up a lot more. I read a lot, just haven't really posted but I will start doing so from now on. Thanks Olympus, you have a good thing going here, save for a few persons.