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Found 6 results

  1. Pledge Said I Wouldn't Do It In Comic Sans Dear Olympus, I don't know where to start. I love you guys. Even the people I dont know. Everyone on Olympus means so much to me. I started out with no knowledge of this place or how to even drink water, yet I ended with more friends and new family than I could ever ask for. This community is so much more than just a game, it's a family. I dont have enough space here to go over everyone that I care about, but you all know who you are. KBDog66: The first cop I played with. Thank you for always cheering me on and listening to my bs when i've had a rough day. You arent just a friend, youre family and always will be. Thank you for being basically my Olympus Dad. I love you man. Thanks for always watching out for me. Housekitty: Kole, you are and always will be my friend. Thank you for showing me the ropes on cop and standing by my side and keeping me in line regardless of the situation. I couldnt ask for a better friend Ducky: Wyatt, youre a G and always will be co President to the Fucc Boi himself King. Thank you for all the fun times and late nights. Cyanide: Thank you for putting up with constantly being lethaled and listening to my troubles and fights that I went through. Even if it was battlefield 4 at 2am, we always had a good laugh. Ill never forget you and wookie. (To DB, I lvoe you guys and thank you for the fun times) Pledge: Evan... You've literally always been there for me. Ive hunted for hours for your sand mk1 on cop and little did I know that would lead to an unforgettable friendship. Go Eagles Deadpool: Please dont ever stop being yourself. Your personality makes people laugh more than you know and you have made a major impact on my life. Thank you for being an amazing friend. Grandma: Youll always be my favorite pilot. You dont take shit from anyone and youre never afraid to speak your mind. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for standing by me in the hardest of times. Decimus: Unfortunately, your little rat has to go. Thank you for never letting me forget im a rat and always will be. Ill never forget the heli crashes and good laughs. Never change who you are. Ill miss you more than youll ever know. Eggman: You already know. Ill see you next time youre in town. There are a lot of people that I dont have time to mention, but you all know who you are. Thank you everyone. You all mean more to me than I can ever explain. @Peter [email protected]@Airborne @Mita @Fushigi @Chickenlittle @LukeDuke @Papa [email protected] Dog @DeadPooL @Eggman @Fake Grandma @[email protected] @ThatNerdyGuy @Hylos @housekitty @Ducky @ikiled @max^ @hawk @Thor @MyersB @Edge @Hurricane If I forgot to @ you sorry but youre all missed. @Bloodmoon Of all people I cant believe it was you to rope me. But thanks for the fun times regardless of how it ended. Sorry for the long post... Thank you all for everything and you all will be missed. Ill check this post often. If you want id love to see a time that we shared that made you laugh or you remember. o7 Boys
  2. Well boys I think its time i throw in the towel. I have played this server for 4 years and enjoyed almost every minute of it. I want to thank all of you for the laughs, screams, desk punches, and everything in-between. This server's community is definitely the only thing keeping me going through all this time. I will be on form time to time and should be playing anzus too To the noble guys: I hope I lead well and was somewhat of a roll model to some of you. Each and every one of you keep me going for this long To the noble seniors: Thanks for being some of the best group of people I have ever spent time with. @Noahhh! I hope you do whatever you think is right regarding this server. @Blueangelman36 Our jet flying was legendary but our late night talks were even better. Thanks for being brutally honest with me at all times and keeping me in check. @ThatNerdyGuy you and @Headless better keep this shit afloat. Keep up your amazing work boys. PS @Grandma Gary you have shit in your ass. Honestly I would be here forever if i were to thank everyone that had an impact on me so again from the bottom of my heart thank you all
  3. Well, I promised I'd keep this short after seeing people have some deep o7's but oh well Thank you to everyone who gave me a shot on the APD and the Staff Team, I'm truly appreciative of both opportunities I've been afforded here and made some solid friends and learned a lot from so many people. I enjoyed volunteering my time here and trying to keep everyone enjoying theirs as well. @Messy my boy got me started here, my #1 @Winters one of the best lads around this place. I've learned a lot from you and you got strong dedication that will take you far. The early morning weekend grinds won't be the same and its the end of an era. Honestly one of the greatest people I've met here and been able to hang out with. @Luke Duke and @bo duke the duke boys, had some great time playing with both of you and you guys brought me up on the APD, which im forever grateful for. @destruct @Hylos thanks for dealing with me on the staff side and answering my 1000 questions and just being the lads @Zeuse @1thedoc @Dank MeeMoo goodbye my rats and anyone other guys @thor keep grinding, you're going to go far, just don't burn yourself out. Also invite Winters to SFA m8 @ThatNerdyGuy someone who should have been a Dep Chief before me, however the last few months we've been putting in work not only APD side but Staff side. Keep the shittage's coming and I enjoy our conversations and playing man. @Kedar rat had some very fun times playing with you, keep whipping the support team into shape @Mr GOAT I learned a great amount from you on running the APD and the APD is in a very solid place, the cards are stacked. Thanks for the opportunity to stick around while I could. @Crenshaw FTO's together and we had a good ride. Take care bro and be easy @Hurricane I've had some fun times man, keep grinding and doing you and remember to have fun @Headless the GRIND IS REAL - do you and keep pushing @Claysive came up on medic learning from you, I know we haven't spoke a lot lately, but you're a solid dude and I wish you the best The list is deep, but here are some honorable mentions that I can remember with my old man brain @Cooper:P @Sho-Time @Status Update @Cyanide @CocoisDead @Fraali @Noodles:D @Millennium @Sandman @hawk @Brolaf @Mita @Greenbum @Slumberjack and so many others. Again I want to thank everyone for making my experience here an awesome one and most of ya'll are awesome people. The time has come to move on and further my career, so I wish everyone the best.
  4. Well, it's been fun I haven't played in about a month now so I think it's time. I might come back and play a little bit. And i'll be active on forums. I have a lot of people to @ sorry if I miss anyone. o7 @your name - My best bud, it was always fun laughing and playing Olympus with you we had a lot of fun. Especially making memes out of people and laughing at them. Good luck with your baby! We'll stay in contact though. @FBI Agent Phil - It was fun playing with you and Sean we had fun talking and chillin' on Medic. @breezygod - I've known you since the beginning, you got me into Olympus and that's where this all started. We go back the farthest brother and this isn't the end. @BasicTheArmaPlayer - We go way back man I miss playing with you and killing retards that can't aim it was fun. @Blueangelman36 - Honestly I'd hop on again to fly around with you that was fun. We gotta fly formation at least 1 more time. @Richard - Thank you for always hating me love you too. Also changed the background color so you can actually read this. @Clay - It was always fun playing Civ with you guys in BPM and Titaning people i'm gonna miss that. @Mike Lit - Have fun future Coord, still waiting on your sisters snap btw. @Fusionz - Keep betting my friend, Also get a job your mom can't buy you pizza forever @Grego - Had a lot of fun making fun of SAPD with you even though your a retard keep it up though. @Daniel:^) - I miss the good old days in Monolith back in the grinding days @Mita - Lemme know when you've dated everyone on the server it's gotta be coming up here pretty soon. @ChrisGG - Thanks for the 1 year Blacklist it's been great and 100% worth it. @Walrito - Your memes are pretty funny and so is your Anti -SAPD discord server with all those memes too. @FrankieTwinkletoes - Sorry again for making you cry. @Bunny - Why are furry's a thing? Also you are the straightest person I know. @rabid - I'm sorry if I missed anyone o7
  5. Well, I hope this post has come as a surprise to everyone reading this, but obviously I did a bad job of keeping the secret. I’m leaving for the whole summer and I very likely won’t be coming back. I have wanted to leave this community for the past couple months, and the only thing that kept me here was the allure of sergeant. I first played Arma 2 years ago, Olympus was the first server I ever played on, and to this day is the only server that I play on. I lied about my age and joined the APD where I had a lot of fun. I left Olympus and came back on and off until October of last year, when me and @tacosmell decided that we would grind up the ranks of the APD. I never thought I would spend the next 3 months putting in 40 hour weeks to get corporal, but I did. I lost friendships because of this, I stopped talking to people that I cared about, but I wasn’t sad because I was having fun. I decided to completely ignore all of that, because I thought once I got corporal I would be done, and I could get back to my normal life but I didn’t. I grinded to FTO and grinded for SGT. On April 2nd I wrote an o7 post and I thought that I would be quitting, but my friends convinced me that I should just take a short break and stay, and than Edge left, so I decided I would grind for SGT and if I didn’t get it I would step down. Towards the end of April, me and a couple of the boys decided that we would make a pact, if none of us got promotions, we would all quit, Dominic Ramos style. Obviously @Noodles:D and @Cyanide got sergeant, I didn’t step down because I didn’t feel like I got fucked out of the position, they deserved it way more than I did. It was also nice seeing one of my good friends getting a rank up. I also made a spreadsheet to compare FTO's On the topics of rank ups, I’m going to talk about Support Team. Support Team has been great, I spent so much time doing tickets and being a squeaky clean person, to get senior. We promoted Max, and more recently couped Rossco lmao. Obviously I wasn’t an option for lead, because I told all those boys I was leaving, so Jester was our pick. Sorry for any toxicity recently, I just really haven’t cared at all about what happens. Now for some @'s @Jester Congrats on lead, I think you have a lot of potential to be great. Maybe someday you will get FTO, just talk more lmao. @maxg I pushed for you to get Senior Support just for you to steal all my re-evals. I had a lot of fun playing cop with you, and I’m happy to see you got you’re corp back. @Rossco I am wholeheartedly sorry for couping you, it was a good decision but it feels wrong now that you want to come back. You have been a great friend over the past few months, thanks for pushing for me to get senior support. @Noodles:D One of my very good friends in the past few months on here. We both got FTO together and said that we would get Sergeant together. You got there and have been doing a great job, don’t forget to play with the boys though. @KGB JOSH I have no idea how you got Mod you absolute monkey, make me proud cutie. I’m really glad that we became friends you are one funny dude. @Snort 2 One of my favorite sAPD members, even though you are friends with all those cartel rat retards I still love you. Keep on saying the n word, we will play some more GMOD soon. @Snort Strae you are also one of my favorite SAPD members, you are the most funny third worlder that I know. I’m so glad that you got LT, you deserved it buddy. @sped I'm so happy that I got to see you finally get another corp test, weed is a gateway drug so watch out @Greenbum You and sped provided some very fun late nights playing cop, get FTO and start grinding. @MillenniumCongrats on getting FTO, I used to actually really think that you were an annoying retard. But as I have gotten to know you, I’ve learned that you are just a regular retard. @ChrisGG Thanks for the corporal test. I could never tell if you liked me or not, maybe because you are just a mysterious dude. @PledgeYou have proven to be a great chief, I have a lot of respect for the way that you run the APD. You have always reminded me of myself, a little bit and I feel like if I was the chief I would do very similar things. @Revise You are an annoying retard tbh @Maddox you are a funny little dude, keep asking questions. @tacosmell You have known about my o7 for a very long time, I got you back into playing Arma, and I am happy that I did. You are honestly the most retarded person that I know, you have no filter and are straight fucking stupid, but I love it. I have nearly 700 hours on cop, and at least 75% of that was played with you. I'm glad that you got senior support, you deserved it. Now got sergeant and make all this shit worth it. I made a video of all my clips on Olympus, it's pretty long but I would love if you watched at least part of it.
  6. Why does it seem that everyone is leaving the community?
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