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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys this is a copy of the original Best of players 2014 by snake It was very popular and fun to get everyones opinion then and lets see how much it has changed! Lets all list our "Best Of" players in the respective categories. (Feel free to list up to 3) Best Shot: Best Driver: Best Heli Pilot: Best Officer: Best R&R: Best Kavala Troll (Not rulebreaker, legitimately funny RP): Best RP'r: Most Tactical: Funniest/Most enjoyable to play with: Most Reliable: Most Dedicated Player: And finally... Most Valuable Player: Reserved for the player you believe to be "The Total Package", or the "best on the server" - Don't vote for yourself! DO NOT FLAME OTHER PLAYERS DO NOT TROLL OTHER PLAYERS Honest replies Only! Happy Voting! Also: Please don't be offended if your name doesn't come up, or feel favoritism is being played, just trying to get other players to encourage one another with some silly shout outs
  2. This is just a short thread/discussion I am making to see what the community thinks about the Tanoa servers and why the Tanoa servers have such a decrease in player population. Me personally really like Tanoa as a map, but am genuinely confused on why there aren't many people playing on it. I have come up with a few reasons on why the population is so low but they don't seem significant enough for such a low player pop. Strange or Different Placement of Zones (red zones, legals, etc) People just did not buy Apex the DLC. Players dont want to join a server that has no players when they can just play Altis which is fully developed. Runs too easy on second islands. No George Town Square or any city square for that matter Some Drug Dealers Useless such as George Town which the only drug that you could sell is weed which is way easier to go to LignHaven for This is not me trying to dog on the Tanoa servers or anything, I completely understand that the server is still under development and still has a long road ahead of it. I just want to know what the community thinks.