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Found 2 results

  1. So with blindfolds in and cops being able to use them, Makes no fucking sense. Cops should not be able to use blindfolds. For one were talking about cops, hears a video of what I tried to rp and themountan cop had a shitty mic at first and was being a cunt. Then he dosnt even try to rp with me. I was going to pay my ticket if he would have just token the blind fold off. I seriously hate cops. Like fuck. Secondly, during the whole processing the were telling me what they were doing like it fucking ruins everything. Like trust me.
  2. I was thinking, all these huge updates that will be rolling out are really going to impact gameplay. Like; fixing bugged house ownerships, item duping, money duping, as well as a fresh new map that's going to COMPLETELY change the way were used to playing. It would only make sense, that when this huge update rolls out, that the server got wiped as well? Not our play times, or kills/deaths, not personal stats, but things like houses we own, currency, things like that. To fully have a fresh start would be amazing! everyone starting new, with a new altis, a new chance. Without there being a bunch of people with huge pockets of money due to glitching, and houses that are owned by many, and all the people out there who have duped their gear in their house so many times, that they never need to go to a rebel outpost again. anyway. My point being, it looks like, if there isn't going to be a full server wipe, it would be awesome if one did happen! Anyone agree/disagree? I'm totally curious as to how others feel about this.