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Found 2 results

  1. So I purchased an SDV yesterday and tried to run some turtles. There were 2 odd things I noticed about it, and I didn't know if they were bugs. Wanted to check here. 1. The inventory of the SDV is considered a fuel type vehicle. Is this supposed to happen? I could not put any turtle meat into it. and 2. The SDV would float to the top of the water whenever you got out of it. I don't remember it doing this in other servers, although I may be wrong. Just wanted to check, and report these as bugs if they are. Thanks!
  2. I was trying to go turtle poaching with a friend with his new SDV but when we went to go into the truck inventory, it would tell us that we needed to get the fuel variant to store oil, but we had no oil and we were trying to store turtles and other crap. Is it supposed to be like that because 800 truck capacity and no way to use it seems really stupid. Please give some feed back.