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Found 2 results

  1. In the recent hotfix civilians now have the physical ability to restrain a member of any faction at any given time. Currently the staff and the senior administrations of each faction are trying to figure out how this update will effect each part of the community and wether or not new rules should be implemented in response to this. Regardless of your opinion on these matters, it is crucial that everyone keep the current server rules in mind while these things are being sorted. If you plan on using vigilante gear or experimenting with this new feature keep in mind the server rules, most specifically these two: Chapter 9 Section 2 Subsection 2 "If using Vigilante gear you are bound to the Vigilante rules." Chapter 9 Section 6 Subsection 2 "Vigilantes should never interfere with what an APD member is doing." For The Complete Server Rules:
  2. Olympus Altis Life Rules & Guidelines Last Update: 23/02/2017 Breaking any of these rules may result in administrative action. Not knowing the rules does not make you exempt from them Keep in mind if another player breaks rules it does NOT give you the right to break a rule yourself. Remember Role-Play is required in almost all situations unless noted otherwise. Trying to skirt an obvious rule may still result in a ban. Play the game as it is meant to, don't attempt to get around things as this will not be excused. Staff reserve the right to ban players they feel are being toxic, disruptive or not playing by the spirit of the game mode. Not all rules can be listed so use common sense when playing. General Server rules can be found HERE Chapter 1: No Random Death Match [RDM] Chapter 2: No Vehicular Manslaughter [VDM] Chapter 3: No Random Vehicle/Item Destruction or Manslaughter Chapter 4: No Combat Logging Chapter 5: Aviation Chapter 6: In-game volume Chapter 7: Do not harm R&R Chapter 8: Hostage / Player Robbing Chapter 9: Vigilante Chapter 10: Declaring Terror on Areas Chapter 11: New Life Rule Chapter 12: Interacting with Jailed players Chapter 13: Red / Illegal Zone / Rebel Outposts Chapter 14: Explosive Items Chapter 15: Martial Law Chapter 16: Meta-Gaming Chapter 17: Jail/Fed Rules Chapter 18: Miscellaneous Chapter 19: Community Team Chapter 20: Taxi Drivers Chapter 21: Workers Protection License Chapter 22: War