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Found 5 results

  1. Monkass

    Looking to buy a strider not to expensive. Please let me know if your willing to sell one to me at a reasonable price
  2. Sandmanmmm

    I am selling 4 striders and 1 hunter. Please either leave bids for the individual vehicles in the form of a reply or private message me your offers.
  3. I have 4 striders that I am willing to sell. Reply with an offer.
  4. sploding

    As most of you may know the "encore" update came out 2 days ago, in the changelog MRAP damage improvements were included. Over on r/arma the BI dev lead stated that MRAP's (Strider,Ifrit,Hunter) have been made "immune" to 7.62 and that the way to disable MRAPs from now on will be with light AT launchers. MRAPS are going to be bonafide tanks and unless the server can reduce their damage inputs they may have to be tweaked, but now they will be much easier to use so buy them while you can!
  5. Detective Corey

    I am looking for a strider to buy please reply or PM me if you have any for sale.

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