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Found 18 results

  1. Sellers with their price BELOW
  2. Buying any tasers, pm me or make offer below
  3. I want to buy all sting and mx tasers. I mainly want stings but I will buy the mx too.
  4. Offers. Have limited stock. 31 Total.
  5. Looking to buy mid range tazers msg me if you have on hand
  6. Buying as many tasers as possible hmu with offers.
  7. Tasers: 10 mxs 4 types 1 promet mr Other: 5.8 supp t4 vest 2 pilot covs promet sg
  8. Let me know what type of taser(s) you have and I'll let you know my offer asap, on now so let me know.
  9. Pm Willing to pay good money anything over 9mm is mostly prefered!
  10. 20-Mx taser  2-Carrier special rig 1 black 1 green 3-CTRG Stealth uniform 5-spar taser 5-sting taser 1-spar 16 gl with smoke grenades willing to trade gear
  11. -MXM Taser -Type115 Taser -MX Taser -Sting Taser -.45 Taser -Put your Prices BELOW
  12. I want to know your guys thoughts on the taser range as of right now. I had an incident where I had gotten tased by an officer around 400 feet away from me while driving away from him. Now I'm not upset or anything. However it did really get me thinking if it's to overpowered? Here's the point of my argument; If the cop had a lethal weapon, we could've had a gun battle. If I had gotten shot once I would've lost a bit of health but that's no biggie. It would essentially be a fair fight. However when a cop hits you once or a few times with a taser. You're done for. You have no other options but to sit there and reflect on life. I think it's ridiculous how an officer can tase you from that kind of range. It's personally annoying. I know other people have had these experiences as well, and you're hopeless because then the officer will roll up, and pull you out & restrain. If he had a lethal weapon I most likely would've gotten away. (Keep in mind he was outside of his vehicle). I know officers always use tasers, and that's fine. The point of this is this thread is to find out what other people think about the taser range, and if it's too OP. TLDR; The range for a taser goes wayyyy to far, and is definitely overpowered. Let me know what you think.
  13. Trump24

    Cop guns

    https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/924805540272102724/CD969E4F5CC296BDFC922514DBFE12922950AF2B/ Selling these guns plus got 2 tear gas smokes for mx3gl offer here or pm me don't matter
  14. As the title says — looking for any kind of taser. Post what you have and the price range below, or PM it to me.
  15. Looking to buy cop weapons in bulk. I am willing to pay 160k for each PO mx and PO spar. Will also buy corp and higher weapons just list the gun and what you would like to get for it.

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