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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to type down a bit of a reminder on the best way to submit player reports so that you can help US, help YOU! When submitting a player report, please make sure to try and follow this format as much as possible: Title = RDM – [OS] Burrito – Server 1 Exploiting – [OS] Burrito – Server 1 VDM – [OS] Burrito – Server 2 NLR – [OS] Burrito – Server 1 FAILRP – [OS] Burrito – Server 1 And so on and so on.... Then on the body text make sure to specify what happened and when it happened. Obviously do not forget to include the proper evidence to support your case. This will help us identify the player you are reporting as sometimes we get low quality videos and it gets a bit more complicated, especially when it comes to VDM reports as we have to jump hoops sometimes to figure out the name of the reported player. Please try and avoid the following format: Title = Player report - (blank) Link - youtube.com/thisplayersucks Or Ohh mer gosh - (blank) Link – youtube.com/thisplayersucks We will always review your player reports as they come in but if you try and follow this simple format it will help US help YOU as we will be able to understand a bit better what you are trying to report and we know what to look for. Granted , we view and inspect each video on its own merit but this way we may take a little less time to respond to your tickets. Thanks for reading and for playing on Olympus Servers!
  2. As you all SHOULD know by now this is the process to follow when getting disciplinary action from our servers: below I include the link with ALL the ticket processes. This is what you should not do.... What you see above is a personal message to staff members with NO player information. While it is okay to message staff members for guidance or questions regarding your ban, you HAVE to include your STEAM ID in order to get you the correct response regarding your particular inquiry. While some players use the same names on the forums and in-game, there are hundreds of others who don't. Help us help you.

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