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Found 7 results

  1. police

    So wait a minute, youre telling me that the police are allowed to employ the use of blindfolds? What is that trash? I can tell you whats going to happen right now is, combat blind folds. *Tazed* restrained and blindfolded within the same second. Add an animation because you know they will blind fold you every time you are arrested, no matter what.
  2. As many of you know, version 7.03 was officially released this past Friday (11/20/15) and contained a few bugs which to say the least, were irritating to play with. This weekend was dedicated to fixing what we could with a few minor updates that were not able to be included in 7.03's original release. The following have been implemented and will take effect on the next server restart: Bug Fixes: MX 3GL is now able to properly switch between lethal and tazer rounds. Teargas effects have been disabled for the time being. Performance issues regarding how players were effected once fired prompted this. The grenades will remain available, however they are regular smoke grenades at this time. Lights and sirens for the APD Zamak should work properly now. Updates: Sirens for both APD and R&R have been updated to make them more distinct. Wail Sirens have been renamed to Primary Sirens. Yelp Sirens have been renamed to Secondary Sirens. Primary and Secondary Sirens may NOT be used at the same time. Players must disable one to use the other. APD and Medics now have access to a custom "horn" which may be used while in the driver position by pressing "G". "Rank Tags" above APD players properly reflect ranks as shown in TeamSpeak. New Additions: "Rank Tags" have been added for R&R. Note that CURRENTLY, these tags follow the same scheme as the APD. BE SURE TO CHECK WHO YOU'RE SHOOTING AT. Rank specific uniforms have been added for R&R ranks Search & Rescue, Air Responder and Coordinator. Missing virtual icons have been added for the following items: Browiser Fireworks Organic Burgers Cupcakes Not a big update like everyone is hoping for but be assured that the development and designer teams are working diligently to get what the community desires. Odin Out.
  3. - So I think that the in-game gang ranks should be changed up a little bit... - Currently the ranks give you access to the following: -5: Gang Ownership/ Access To All Permissions -4: Can Promote/Demote/Kick Members and All Lower Permissions -3: Access To Gang Funds & Can Invite People To Gang -2: No Permissions -1: No Permissions -0: No Permissions - I think that it should be updated to the following: -5: Gang Ownership/ Access To All Permissions -4: Can Promote/Demote/Kick Members and All Lower Permissions -3: Access To Gang Funds -2: Can Invite People -1: No Permissions -0: No Permissions
  4. Here we are again everyone, welcome to Olympus' Altis Life version 7.03. This update has brought a few undisclosed bugs as well as the following additions and modifications. General Changes: Teargas has been added to the servers, identified by Orange Smoke. Certain equipment is capable of mitigating the effects of Teargas, which are broken into a Physical effect and a Visual effect. To make things interesting, what protects from teargas will not be revealed at this time. APD Changes: New Equipment: Corporals and above now have access to the 6.5mm MX 3GL. Corporals and above now have access to 3GL launch 40mm Orange Teargas grenades. Equipment Updates: Sergeants will again have the ability to purchase both standard and improved uniforms. Deputies and above now have access to masks allowing protection against deployed Teargas. Uniforms have been redesigned, moving them away from the former gray/black/white. Vehicle Updates: Corporals and higher now have access to the Covered Zamak. Access to the Hellcat has been limited to Dep. Chief and above. Access to the Strider has been lowered to Lieutenant and above. R&R Changes: General Updates: On-duty medics will now be visible on the map to other on-duty medics. APD Handbook Update - Chapter 13 Teargas is to used only when responding to one of the following: Federal Reserve Robbery Federal Prison Break Rebel Outpost Raid Gang Hideout Raid House Searches Terror/Riot Exception: Use of Teargas may be used in any non-listed circumstance when permission is given by an on-duty Sergeant or higher. Teargas protection is to be worn only when gas is being deployed.
  5. I was thinking, all these huge updates that will be rolling out are really going to impact gameplay. Like; fixing bugged house ownerships, item duping, money duping, as well as a fresh new map that's going to COMPLETELY change the way were used to playing. It would only make sense, that when this huge update rolls out, that the server got wiped as well? Not our play times, or kills/deaths, not personal stats, but things like houses we own, currency, things like that. To fully have a fresh start would be amazing! everyone starting new, with a new altis, a new chance. Without there being a bunch of people with huge pockets of money due to glitching, and houses that are owned by many, and all the people out there who have duped their gear in their house so many times, that they never need to go to a rebel outpost again. anyway. My point being, it looks like, if there isn't going to be a full server wipe, it would be awesome if one did happen! Anyone agree/disagree? I'm totally curious as to how others feel about this.
  6. When Is The Server Updating Do Anyone No If It Will Be Any Time Soon?
  7. I Wish The Would Update The Server To 1.30 So I Can Play